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orcaORCA temperature-controlled packaging is carefully designed to transport your high-value temperature-sensitive payloads anywhere in the cold chain, maintaining efficacy no matter the external temperature demand. Combining vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technology and advanced phase change materials (PCM), we’ve put your needs at the forefront of design to create our highest performing range of temperature-controlled packaging yet.

The range is split into four distinct product types, solving specific cold chain problems and spanning temperature ranges from -70°C with dry ice to 15-25°C. Hover and click below to find out more.

orca connect
ORCA Connect

ORCA Connect combines high-performance, passive, temperature-controlled packaging with a flexible, open platform concept allowing for various data loggers, ensuring real-time tracking of your payloads anywhere in the cold chain.

Just like the wider ORCA range, ORCA Connect comprises both vacuum insulated panels and advanced phase change materials to create unparalleled temperature performance, providing a minimum of 96 hours of temperature control in even the most demanding shipping lanes.

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ORCA Multi-Use

ORCA Multi-Use is a high-performance, reusable, temperature-controlled packaging solution that lessens your carbon footprint, reduces waste, and decreases costs. This sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solution uses an innovative design, ensuring your product reaches its destination with maximum efficacy.

ORCA Multi-Use utilises advanced phase change materials and vacuum insulated panels, creating unparalleled performance when compared against water-based systems, ensuring costly temperature excursions can be avoided.

With a strong, robust outer and compact internals, the ORCA Multi-Use is designed to be used multiple times before refurbishment or replacement is required. The system can also be rented as and when needed through our Intelsius Direct Fulfilment Services.

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ORCA Single-Use

ORCA Single-Use is a high-performance, passive temperature-controlled packaging solution that provides superior thermal protection at 2-8°C, 15-25°C, and below -20°C using dry ice as a coolant for high-value temperature-sensitive payloads.

ORCA Single-Use utilises the same advanced vacuum insulated panel (VIP) and proprietary phase change material (PCM) technology as our multi-use ORCA systems, creating an unrivalled performance to volumetric weight ratios for single-use systems.

With simple pre-conditioning, ORCA Single-Use solutions offer up to 96 hours of thermal protection against extreme hot and cold environments. This performance, matched with extensive recyclable materials, provides a greener solution when the packaging cannot be returned and reused.

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ORCA Response

ORCA Response is a new, highly portable, multi-use temperature-controlled packaging solution giving you a minimum of 48 hours of temperature control at 2 to 8˚C, 15 to 25˚C, and -25 to -15˚C.

Utilising uniquely shaped PCM panels and VIP technology, ORCA Response is a packaging solution that can be comfortably carried by hand for rapid payload transportation, making it ideal for last-mile deliveries.

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