With over 20 years of experience working in temperature controlled and sample transport solutions our technical team can provide an array of services for organisations of all sizes.

ATMOS is the name given to our cutting edge tool set combined with the support, service and knowledge of our technical experts. With professional backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, clinical trials and packaging technology we are well positioned to find solutions to a vast array of problems.

ATMOS Packaging

Our Thermal modelling systems allow us to digitally build detailed packaging models to exacting specifications. These models can then be virtually tested against ISTA or any other custom temperature profiles minimising the requirement for extensive testing and the use of expensive apparatus; thus drastically reducing the time taken to provide reliable results. The Intelsius Thermal modelling suite has been fully calibrated against our entire product range using years of our own physical testing data; this ongoing calibration against real data continuously reduces the margin of error on all future thermal modelling services.


ATMOS lane analysis services will change the way you think about the testing of temperature controlled solutions. This service utilises historical weather data from global sources. This creates a custom built shipping lane that uses real temperature data spanning multiple years. A digitally modelled product is then virtually tested against every real daily possibility. These tests are run simultaneously with the use of an exclusive data server capable of processing large amount of calculations at exceptional speeds. The ATMOS lane service combined with our thermal modelling service will provide highly accurate and useful information meaning costly physical testing can be reduced. With the ability to test highly detailed digital products against years of historical data costly temperature excursions will be significantly reduced.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand all shipments can be different and may require adaptations or full scale redesigns to meet your requirements. If you are struggling to find effective shipping solutions please get in touch, our team will take the time to listen to understand your problem before offering advice towards a working solution.