With over 20 years of experience working in temperature controlled and sample transport solutions our Technical team can provide an array of services for organisations of all sizes.

The services offered are split into digital and physical services.The digital services are maintained under the ATMOS umbrella. ATMOS is our Intelsius branded software and I.T based set of digital testing services capable of digitally building, testing and validating temperature controlled solutions against a range of historical temperature profiles.

These services can be utilised individually or combined to provide a full service offering for designing and qualifying your packaging products.


Technical Services Brochure

Thermal Testing


Thermal Testing – Physical thermal testing is completed in state of the art climate chambers, capable of testing against a variety of profiles from -30°C and +50°C. Carried out in an ISTA accredited laboratory the testing provided is accompanied by high-quality testing reports for each temperature controlled solution that is thermally tested.

Drop Testing


Intelsius drop testing is carried out in line with PI650 as described in IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, the testing enables the certification of category B sample transportation systems. Our Technical team will provide support and feedback during every stage of the drop testing service.

ATMOS Packaging


ATMOS Packaging – Our process of creating digital temperature controlled systems capable of simulating physical thermal testing. Utilising real figures from historical thermal testing, ATMOS packaging is capable of calculating a packaging systems thermal properties. Once created the packaging system can be tested digitally saving time and money when compared against physical thermal testing procedures.



ATMOS Lane enables digitally created temperature controlled systems to be tested against a vast range of real historical data across a variety of shipping lanes. This excess of historical data allows users to be sure the temperature sensitive shipment can stay within the desired temperature parameters against even the most extreme variations present within the desired shipping lane.

Custom Design Services


We understand all shipments can be different and may require adaptations or full scale redesigns to meet your requirements. If you are struggling to find effective shipping solutions please get in touch, our team will take the time to listen to understand your problem before offering advice towards a working solution.

Drone delivery packaging project