Technical Services

We offer a range of market-leading technical services tailored to design, develop and qualify custom solutions to meet your needs.  Our services are centred around four key areas: thermal testing, virtual testing, physical testing, and product development.

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technical services

Thermal Testing Services

Thermal testing services are carried out in our ISTA-certified testing laboratory using specialised equipment operated by highly knowledgeable Technical Services laboratory personnel. Intelsius offer thermal testing against a variety of industry-standard test procedures.

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virtual testing

Virtual Testing Services

Virtual Testing Services are various simulation calculations that use advanced software tools to create and analyse datasets which allows for comprehensive performance data analysis and reporting. We call this Intelsius ATMOS.

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physical testing drop test

Physical Testing Services

Physical testing services are carried out in our ISTA-certified testing laboratory. We offer a variety of drop and pressure test procedures to demonstrate how your packaging will perform in real-world scenarios, as well as meet the necessary regulatory requirements.

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Packaging attached to bottom of drone

Product Development Services

Product development services form a central part of our Technical Services offer, allowing you to develop solutions to meet your specific requirements, as well as access to our thermal, virtual and physical testing team.

Whether it’s increasing brand awareness with custom branding, an adaptation of off the shelf Intelsius products, or the development of complete qualified packaging solutions, Intelsius’ product design engineers and scientists can find the best solution to meet your budget needs.

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Intelsius operator moving sample transport packaging

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Communication and flexibility are crucial when creating the perfect packaging solution; our expert Technical Services Team work with you to create the ideal solution for the transportation of a wide variety of payload types.

Our team can help you:

  • Achieve compliance
  • Find the correct off-the-shelf solution for your specific packaging needs
  • Or, help you create a bespoke solution that meets your specific packaging needs

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