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The Intelsius BioShield range are unique patented systems designed to meet handling processes from sample extraction to laboratory presentation. BioShields are a highly protective single-use shipping solution which are available for a variety of sample capacities, helping to reduce waste and cut costs associated with sample transportation.

The systems are well suited to a wide variety of samples, including solids, liquids, and samples held in fixative. BioShield systems also ensure that all samples will arrive at the same time for a simple and efficient sample reception, helping to reduce total costs.

Clinical Trial testing

The contents of a BioShield system will vary depending upon your required application, however components frequently supplied include;

Compliant outer carton

Pot tray

95kPa IATA compliant 100ml pots

Leak-proof 95kPa secondary container

Security seal labels

Spoons / Forceps

Techni-Ice gel sheets

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