Intelsius’ ISTA-certified laboratory has a wide range of technical capabilities to help ensure your temperature-controlled packaging solutions meet all relevant industry and government standards. We also provide technical advice to enhance both the efficiency and safety of your cold chain and sample transport operations.

Direct to Site Fulfilment Services

Intelsius Direct to Site (DTS) services are designed to increase efficiency in the distribution of temperature controlled packaging materials. DTS saves your organisation money, time and storage space.

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Tailored Solutions

As our clients call on us to develop tailored solutions for new challenges, our scope broadens. But our over-arching goal remains steadfast: to approach every new problem in the spirit of innovation and sustainability, while never abandoning common sense.

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Technical Services

With over 20 years’ experience working in temperature controlled and sample transport solutions, our technical team can provide an array of services for organisations of all sizes. These services, labelled Atmos Services, can include anything from virtual lane mapping and physical testing, to the creation of bespoke solutions for intricate, dangerous goods or temperature-controlled packaging projects.

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