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The Intelsius BioMailer is designed for use within national and global postal networks shipping small specimens, such as blood vials and slides. The rigid plastic case ensures that samples are protected during transit, and allows the system to be refurbished and used again, offering both a cost saving and environmental benefit.

Clinical Trial testing

This unique system is supplied with a 95kPa secondary container compliant to the required transport regulations, IATA (Intelsius PATHOPOUCH) or ADR (Intelsius PATHOSEAL).

Refurbishment kits to replace all the single-use components supplied are available to allow cases to be reused.

Components Supplied:

Reusable Case

95 kPa Compliant Secondary Container

4 Bay Absorbent

Protective Sleeve

UN3373 Biological Substance Category B Label

Security Seal Label

Product Sheet