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GreenTherm from Intelsius is a fully recyclable, high-performance, single use range of parcel shippers for the transportation of temperature sensitive payloads.

Available in three sizes; 7L, 14L and 23L, and tested against challenging ISTA 7D profiles to maintain temperature control below -20°C for up to 96+ hours, GreenTherm temperature-controlled packaging delivers cold chain excellence while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

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Innovative Design

At Intelsius we’re committed to supporting our customers to reduce their carbon footprint without having to compromise on quality and performance. GreenTherm is manufactured using more than 70% recycled materials, continuing our investment into circular economy, solutions, only harvesting non-recycled raw materials where absolutely necessary.

GreenTherm utilises an innovative, paper-based cellulose insulation that not only ensures high thermal performance, matching lookalike EPS systems producing 96+ of thermal protection at -20C, but also allowing for the entire system to be recycled within one paper recycling stream.

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