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Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Whether you’re shipping pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, food, or human and animal samples, we have a temperature-controlled packaging solution for you.

An ISTA-certified laboratory, Intelsius precisely designs, tests and qualifies packaging systems based on the external temperature extremes your product will encounter while in transit.

Please scroll down to explore our wide range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions. For sample transport packaging, visit our dedicated sample transport packaging page here.


ORCA temperature-controlled packaging is carefully designed to transport your high-value temperature-sensitive payloads anywhere in the cold chain. Combining vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technology and advanced phase change materials (PCM), we’ve put your needs at the forefront of design to create our highest performing range of temperature-controlled packaging yet.

The range is split into four distinct product types: ORCA Single Use, ORCA Multi-Use, ORCA Connect and ORCA Response, spanning temperatures -70°C and -20°C with dry ice, to 2-8°C and 15-25°C with advanced phase change materials.

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The PharmaTherm range of insulated shipping systems offers optimal thermal protection for pharmaceutical products. They are pre-qualified to maintain payload integrity during shipments for up to 120+ hours and are tested against Intelsius’ demanding High-Performance Dry Ice temperature, 2-8°C profiles and 15-25°C profiles.

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PharmaTherm Pallet

Ideal for larger shipments, the PharmaTherm Pallet shipping systems are designed to offer optimal thermal protection for pharmaceutical products. They are pre-qualified to maintain payload integrity during shipments for up to 96 hours.

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ThermoTrek is a discreet personal carry case for the movement of a patient’s temperature-sensitive medications. Qualified for 48 hours, its unique design and technology create an easy to use solution. This enables patients to maintain the thermal integrity of their medication even after it is delivered. Utilising a ThermoCline Technology dual temperature cool pack with an innovative one-way fit, the ThermoTrek is easy to use.

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Temperature Loggers

We stock various temperature loggers that provide sensitive and accurate temperature tracking for frozen, refrigerated and controlled room temperature (CRT) shipments. In addition, we offer a wide range of single and multi-use data loggers with features to best suit your requirements.

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