How do I Recycle my Packaging?

Our Environmental Promise

We take our responsibility seriously not only to our customers but also to the global community at large.

That’s why we’re dedicated to progress; both in our products and the design and manufacturing processes. We strive to create products that provide the greatest benefit to you at the smallest cost to the environment.

Materials Used in Intelsius Packaging Solutions: A Simple Guide

We understand how important reducing your environmental impact is to you, so we consider the ecological impact of all materials used when creating our packaging solutions at every stage of the design process. We attempt to balance high performance, environmental impact, and cost for all products. We also offer a portfolio of multi-use solutions and refurbishment options to increase the lifespan of our products, utilising the materials more effectively.

Recycling is critical for our single-use packaging solutions to ensure the environmental product footprint is minimised. The guide below provides an assessment of what materials we use and why we use them.


Please seek advice from your local authority for your local recycling guidelines, as processes and criteria for recycling can change from region to region and country to country.

MaterialProducts used inWhy we use itCan I recycle it?
CardboardBioShield, ORCA Single-Use, BioTherm, PharmaTherm, PathoPakSustainable source and cheap for single use shipments.Yes. Check with your local authority.
HDPE - high density polyethyleneORCA Multi-Use, Connect, PharmaChill Lightweight material. Watertight. Easily cleaned for reuse. Able to withstand repeated freeze/ thaw cycles.Yes. Check with your local authority.
PP - PolypropylenePathoPak, Spoons, BioTherm handles, ORCA VIP Liner and encapsulationLightweight material. Water resistant and watertight. Able to pass 95 kPa pressure test. Easily cleaned for reuse, can be autoclaved. Yes. Check with your local authority.
LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)PathoSeal and gripseal bagsWe use this because it is flexible, transparent, and leakproof/waterproof.Yes. Check with your local authority.
EPS (expanded polystyrene)BioFreeze, BioTherm, BioTherm Extreme, PharmaTherm, ThermoTrekLight and good insulator. Cheap to ship and cheap to produce.Yes. EPS can be recycled but it would have to be machine compacted first. A specialist waste stream is required.
Correx (polypropylene)ORCA Multi-Use, ORCA Connect Lightweight material. Water resistant. Easily cleaned for reuse. Yes. See PP - polypropylene.
VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)All ORCA systemsExcellent thermal properties (low thermal conductance) make it a good insulator.Yes, but only if sent back to the manufacturer.
Aluminumized PVC (polyvinyl chloride)All ORCA systemsStrength and durability. No. To be disposed of in household waste/landfill.
EPDM (synthetic rubber)ORCA Multi-UseRubber bung to close PCM bottle.Yes. Check with your local authority.
PVCORCA Multi-UseFlexible cap to protect hard cap underneath from damage.No. To be disposed of in household waste/landfill.
Acrylic FibresAbsorbent MaterialAbsorbent properties.No. To be disposed of in household waste/landfill.
Cellulose FibresAbsorbent BaysAbsorbent propertiesNo, but can be composted. Check with your local authority.
PharmaChill gelPharmaChillsCoolant (water-based PCM).No. Nontoxic so can be easily disposed of.
AluminiumBiocarrierAluminium is used to help conduct heat so that the temperature inside the box is stabilised.Yes. Check with your local authority.
EPP (Expanded PolypropyleneBiocarrierProvides insulation.Yes, but only after compacting. See EPS.
Polyurethane foamBioChill foam in BT30 (VLA034)Has excellent resistance to water and humidity, and is therefore ideal for water and air filtration.Yes, but needs to be sent to a factory.
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)Vacuette 6ml tubesHigh strength to weight ratio. It is water resistant and see-through.Yes. It is the most widely recycled plastic.
ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)BiocarrierImpact resistant, water resistant, and light weight.Yes. Check with your local authority.
PCM (Phase Change Material)All ORCA systemsGreat properties to store and release thermal energy.15 to 25 °C and -15 to -25 °C PCM to be disposed of in household waste/landfill.
Do not dispose 2 to 8°C PCM into general waste or waterways (see Safety Data Sheet).

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