We understand that all cold chains are unique, which is why we collaborate with a wide range of partners to provide the best possible solutions for a variety of shipping needs.

Whether it’s existing temperature-controlled and sample transport packaging, or bespoke, made-to-order solutions to fit your specific drone technology, we can meet your drone packaging requirements with fully UN3373, UN2814 and UN2900 compliant drone packaging solutions for a wide range of payload types.

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Unique Considerations for Drone Logistics Packaging

The requirements for sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging for transport by drone differ considerably from ground, rail, or airfreight transport modes.

Transport by drone is designed for very short transport times. Current packaging systems are optimised for parcel networks and ground/rail/air transport and have to offer a performance of several days (24-96+ hours).

Whereas drones are designed to deliver over much shorter distances and in a very short time (30min to 2 hours). For this reason, currently available packaging systems are unsuitable for drone transport in the vast majority of cases.

Below we’ve outlined some of the unique challenges when approaching packaging design for drone logistics:


Drones’ transport solutions must be as lightweight as possible, as drones often only have a limited lifting capacity. Therefore, a maximum of this capacity should be available for the payload.

Exposure to Conditions

Drones do not transport the goods inside the vehicle’s body (like airfreight). Therefore, payloads are much more exposed to ambient conditions (weather, radiation). In some cases, aerodynamics can also play an important role here (not relevant in any other transport mode).


Many drone delivery concepts require multi-modal end-to-end packaging. The packaging must meet all requirements during transport before take-off (shipper to drone) and after landing (drone to receiver).


Many drone delivery concepts focus on urgent deliveries into remote areas. Here, the payload is often dropped because landing would be impossible or dangerous. For these scenarios, environmentally friendly disposable packaging or packaging that allows for a second life (recycling) is required. This is especially important because remote areas often do not have suitable waste streams.

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Tailored Drone Packaging Solutions

We have a track record for designing and manufacturing tailored packaging solutions for a wide range of payload types and partners. As lead partners in AiResponse, the consortium creating first-of-its-kind drone logistics solutions for NHS healthcare settings in the UK, we are ideally placed to support your specific drone packaging requirements.

We understand that drone logistics differ significantly from traditional land, air and sea freight. When working with you to design the perfect drone packaging solution, we’ll consider and flex to meet your specific needs, including:

  • weight
  • dimensions
  • materials
  • temperature
  • flight time
  • Category A or B compliance
  • external flight conditions

To discover more about AiResponse and our role in developing this first-of-it-s-kind drone logistics solution for NHS settings in the UK, click the find out more button below.

Alternatively, please scroll down to speak to a member of our dedicated team about how we can support your drone packaging requirements.

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Drone Packaging Solution

ORCA Drone

ORCA Drone combines real-time end-to-end cold chain visibility, including temperature and location tracking, ensuring full compliance and giving you true peace of mind when shipping temperature-sensitive payloads.

This multi-use system can be tailored to suit your payload or specific drone requirements and is developed specifically for use alongside various drone platforms,

ORCA Drone was developed as part of the CAELUS consortium group, combining the knowledge and innovations of 14 industry-leading companies working collaboratively to develop the UK’s first medical delivery drone network.

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InMed is a consortium that aims to showcase the advantages of using drone technology to support healthcare services worldwide.

By working closely with real users in U.K healthcare services, InMed hopes to identify and overcome the key obstacles currently making large-scale drone usage impossible in this sector.

By reviewing infrastructure, regulation, and real user challenges, the work completed by InMed could pave the way for drone usage in healthcare in the near future.

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Let’s Collaborate

Communication and flexibility are crucial when creating the perfect drone packaging solution; we can offer advice on the transportation of various pharmaceutical and biologic products.

Our team can help you:

  • Achieve compliance
  • Find the correct off-the-shelf solution for your specific drone packaging needs.
  • Or help you create a bespoke solution that meets your specific drone packaging needs.

To speak directly to a member of our dedicated team, click the button below.

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