Whether you’re struggling with compliance, unsure of the best packaging solution to use, or want to understand the most effective way to prepare your cold chain packaging, our selection of guides will help you through the process.

Scroll down to explore everything from UN3373 compliance to label and conditioning guides.

Label Compliance Guide - resources

Label Compliance

Intelsius offer a wide range of labels frequently used in pharmaceutical and sample transportation. Label compliance is essential during the transport of dangerous goods, and to help make this process as easy to understand as possible, Intelsius has recently updated its label guide.

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conditioning guides

Conditioning Guides

Here you’ll find all the expert know-how on conditioning your ORCA Systems, including video links showcasing the conditioning process. The conditioning process is of imperative importance to avoid any temperature excursions; our in-depth guides provide detailed information to help you through the process.

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case studies - biocair

Case Studies

At Intelsius, we’re proud to provide intelligent packaging that is environmentally sustainable and regulatory compliant for a wide range of global customers.

We want to share how our valued customers use our products and provide information on some of the bespoke solutions we have previously provided.

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intelsius warehouse operative with pathoshield

Resource Centre

From accreditations to product sheets, the Intelsius Resource Centre allows you to find sites and numerous resources in one convenient location.

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pathopouch-95kpa sample bags

Jargon Guide

If you’re struggling with technical, sector terminology or have seen specific words, phrases, or acronyms and initialisms on our website that you don’t understand, this guide is for you.

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vaccine bottles


To watch our previous webinars in full or stay up-to-date with our upcoming webinars, visit our Webinars webpage.

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UN3373 label

UN3373 Compliance: A Simple Guide

We've created this clear and straightforward guide to help you get your label and packaging compliance right when transporting Category A and B infectious substances.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have questions about achieving compliance, queries around temperature profiles, or if you want to find out more about Intelsius, the frequently asked questions page should have the answers you’re looking for.

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temperature-controlled packaging

Temperature-Controlled Packaging Guide

Transporting temperature-sensitive materials through local, national, and international cold chain networks can get complicated. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide, covering everything from cold chain compliance to what phase change material you will need to keep your payload at the right temperature throughout its journey.

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Visual of Intelsius packaging online store

Buying Intelsius Packaging Online: A Simple Guide

This simple guide will cover how to browse and purchase all our labels, components, and UN3373 and UN2841 and UN2900 compliant sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions direct from our website.

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