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Fully Customisable

Intelsius Kitting services are fully customisable and allow you to create Category A and B compliant sample transport kitting solutions from scratch to collect various human samples, including blood draw kits, swab collection kits, and faecal sample collection kits. No matter the combination of kit requirements, we can fulfil your needs with or without off-the-shelf Intelsius sample transport packaging.


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What Kitting Services do we Offer?

We’re experts in compliant sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging. We can advise on labelling and packaging components, but customers must know what class their kit/sample falls into. We offer:

  • Free consultation with our knowledgeable Sales team
  • Component sourcing (including free issue)
  • Medical devices sourcing
  • Costing
  • Warehouse kitting services
  • Kitting delivery services
  • Data encryption software for patient information
  • Kitting component storage facilities

We can create a bespoke kitting solution that includes various components for testing, including medical devices, swabs, specimen bags, blood tubes, etc. Components can be stored and assembled in our warehouse by our expert on-site manufacturing team, and we ensure data security with encryption software to track patient information for sample return purposes.

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Who Are Intelsius Kitting Services For?

Intelsius Kitting services can be utilised by public and private organisations operating small, medium, or large-scale human testing programmes for various diseases and conditions. With the Crown Commercial Service and NHS Supply Chain already utilising Intelsius Kitting services, we have an established and trusted kitting onboarding and production process, ensuring compliance and customer privacy.

If you require bespoke kitting services, contact us at

Intelsius Sample Transport Packaging

You can utilise Intelsius Kitting services with or without Intelsius sample transport packaging solutions, but should you require Category A or B compliant solutions for human samples, we can supply a wide range of packaging solutions, both off-the-shelf and custom designed to meet your specific needs. These solutions include:

  • PathoPak Category A and B compliant rigid secondary packaging
  • PathoShield Category A and B compliant secondary packaging
  • BioShield Category B compliant secondary packaging
  • BioTherm temperature-controlled Category B compliant packaging
  • GreenTherm temperature-controlled Category B compliant packaging
  • ORCA Sample Transport Category B compliant temperature-controlled

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Sample Transport Packaging
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If you’d like to enquire further or need specific kitting for transporting human samples, contact or click the button below to find your local office.

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