PalletGuard pallet covers provide additional protection for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical pallet shipments. These pallet covers can significantly reduce temperature excursions, are water resistant, and mitigate against direct sunlight impact on your payload packaging.

PalletGuard thermal pallet covers can be utilised as the primary protection or with passive or active pallet shippers giving your payload additional protection when required. Our PalletGuard solutions are cost-effective, easy to use, and come in a range of standard sizes and thicknesses, ensuring you can find the perfect solution for your shipment.

Discover more about our PalletGuard pallet cover range below.


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PalletGuard Light

1 Layer | Passive Pallet Shippers

PalletGuard Light pallet covers give users an easy-to-store, easy-to-use solution offering thermal protection against hot and cold temperatures. These lightweight covers can be purchased in various sizes, with made-to-order options for uniquely sized payloads.

These solutions can be used with passive pallet shippers protecting your payload during critical points in the cold chain.

• Single-layer thermal protection using bubble wrap with single insulating lining
• Recommended for use in conjunction with passive pallet shippers


2 Layers | Passive Pallet Shippers

A durable double-layered pallet cover that provides significant thermal protection for your payload. Made using a double layer of high-grade Isohood insulating foil and bubble wrap PalletGuard is an ideal solution for maintaining the temperature of pallets across critical points in the cold chain.

• Double layer thermal protection using bubble wrap with double-sided insulating foil lining
• Primary protection for CRT shipments
• Secondary protection to extend the performance of passive pallet shippers.


3 Layers | Primary Temperature Protection

PalletGuard+ combines our high-performance PalletGuard pallet covers with conditioned water blankets for greater thermal protection. PalletGuard+ is ideal for low-mass pallets, with the added mass from the water blankets significantly reducing heat transfer from the payload.

This heat transfer reduction, combined with the insulating properties of PalletGuard, gives users high-performance pallet covers designed to offer short-term primary protection of payloads that need to be maintained at 2-8°C or long-term protection for controlled room temperature shipments.

• Double layer thermal protection combined with additional water blanket layers provide maximum performance
• Offers primary or secondary protection against hot and cold temperature exposure

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Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare my thermal pallet cover?

We recommend the pallet covers are conditioned at the same temperature as the payload for a minimum of 48 hours.

How long will PalletGuard pallet covers maintain payload temperatures?

The duration of the protection will vary based on several factors, including which product is used, external temperatures, payload mass, and pallet cover conditioning. For more information about how PalletGuard can perform for your specific shipping lane, please contact one of our cold chain experts.

Are PalletGuard pallet covers waterproof?

Our thermal pallet covers are designed to provide protection from hot and cold temperatures. Despite providing some protection from water, these solutions are not water resistant.

Can I recycle my pallet cover?

PalletGuard covers are currently not suitable for recycling. However, we are consistently reviewing ways to make our products more environmentally friendly; please see our Green Mission page for further information.


What are the benefits of using PalletGuard?

PalletGuard pallet covers are economical, lightweight, and easy-to-use solutions that provide additional protection to your palletised payload in case of delays or excessive exposure to hot or cold temperatures.