Increasing the visibility of your payload in transit allows you to react to potential temperature excursions, maintaining your payload’s efficacy and saving you money.

We understand that all cold chains are unique, and we collaborate with a wide range of partners to provide the best possible solutions for your supply chains.

Our products are logger agnostic, meaning you can choose the best tracking solution for your specific needs. Furthermore, we work with suppliers and customers to build innovative packaging solutions that give you visibility and optimum payload protection during transit.

Discover more about our current partnerships and integrated packaging solutions below.

ORCA Connect Logger Integration

ORCA packaging solutions utilise phase change materials (PCM) and vacuum insulated panels (PCM), providing maximum levels of protection to your temperature-sensitive payloads throughout their journey. ORCA Connect packaging can be used with a logger of your choice. If you are unsure which logger is best suited to your payload, below we have details about some of the partners we have collaborated with to help you understand your needs. Alternatively, get in touch to speak to a member of the team direct.

onasset orca


Find out more about our OnAsset partnership, including how ORCA Connect is integrated with their Sentinel 100 data logger.

roambee orca


Find out how Roambee's BeeSense and BeeBeacon data loggers are integrated with our ORCA Connect temperature-controlled packaging to create truly connected solutions.

ORCA Connect - Temperature Controlled Box


Discover how Sendum's PT300 package tracker works with Intelsius' ORCA Connect temperature-controlled packaging

tech4med orca


Discover more about ORCA Connect integrated with Tec4med’s smart tracking solutions, SmartHub and SmartBeacon.

cool chain map

ORCA Cloud

ORCA Cloud is a platform designed to efficiently monitor your cold chain, providing full visibility of all your shipments, whichever logger device you use. Real-time and historical data gives you all the information needed to prove the payload has arrived at its intended destination and stayed within the desired temperature parameters throughout its journey.

The ORCA Cloud dashboard provides an all-in-one interface where you can view your shipments data, including previous locations, payload temperature, and external temperatures, and view the battery life on loggers in real-time. By combining your current shipments into one dashboard, ORCA Cloud means tracking multiple shipments that can be completed in a couple of clicks.

Click below to discover more about how ORCA Cloud can benefit your cold chain.

ORCA Cloud

BioTherm with Logmore logger - Internet of things

Logger Integration for Single-Use Solutions

Our single-Use BioTherm and ORCA solutions can be purchased with a reusable Logmore QR logger that provides visibility of your shipments and simplifies your compliance and quality processes.

Discover more about our partnership with Logmore and how it can benefit your cold chain by clicking the link below.

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data logger

Data Loggers

Having reliable data showing the temperature of a payload throughout its journey ensures you can be confident the cold chain was not broken and that no temperature excursions occurred.

Whether you are transporting pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics or other high-value temperature-sensitive payloads, adding a temperature logger to your packaging solution gives you the data required to prove payload efficacy.

We stock various temperature loggers that provide sensitive and accurate temperature tracking for frozen, refrigerated, and controlled room temperature (CRT) shipments. In addition, we offer a wide range of single and multi-use data loggers, with each logger having a unique set of features that can be matched to suit your specific requirements.

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orca with sentry

Discover how our packaging can support you

For over twenty years, we have provided temperature-controlled and sample transport packaging solutions and services for users throughout the life science sector, helping transport a wide variety of payloads safely and compliantly.

Whether you are transporting pharmaceuticals, complex biologics, life-saving vaccines or clinical samples, our broad range of packaging solutions has the answer.

Contact us now to discuss off-the-shelf solutions or discuss your requirements and work with us to create a solution specifically matched to the needs of your payload.

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