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Backing up promises with academic partnerships.

In addition to the extensive knowledge of our talented staff, Intelsius enthusiastically embrace the considerable resources of the international academic community. Through strategic and academic partnerships with premier education institutions, our research and development efforts have yielded exceptional and otherwise unobtainable results—particularly in the realm of sustainable packaging design. Also, these strategic and academic partnerships have provided valuable third-party verification of statistics associated with important and ground-breaking new Intelsius developments, such as ATMOS.

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As we pursue our goal of remaining at the forefront of innovation, we will seek additional opportunities to partner with academic institutions recognised for excellence in the relevant areas. The ultimate goal is to invest in the academic community while developing new products and services in innovative and unprecedented ways.

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Intelsius are proud to be leading AiResponse, a consortium that aims to showcase the advantages of using drone technology to support current U.K. healthcare professionals and processes. Working closely with the NHS as part of a wider consortium of academic, tech, and local government partners, we will be developing, testing, and implementing this novel solution to address the challenges facing the NHS when delivering test samples and medical supplies and will strive to develop faster, safer, and more economically viable transport solutions.

To find out more about this exciting project, including a full list of consortium members and project deliverables, click the button below.

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InMed is a consortium that aims to showcase the advantages of using drone technology to support healthcare services worldwide.

By working closely with real users in U.K healthcare services, InMed hopes to identify and overcome the key obstacles currently making large-scale drone usage impossible in this sector.

By reviewing infrastructure, regulation, and real user challenges, the work completed by InMed could pave the way for drone usage in healthcare in the near future.

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