Intelsius have over 20 years of experience developing Category A and B compliant packaging solutions for laboratory research and development. We combine an expert Technical Team, and an ISTA certified laboratory with a wide range of pre-labelled sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging systems to ensure you can safely and compliantly ship your clinical research materials anywhere in the world.

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PathoPak Collection

Laboratory Research and Development Packaging

Intelsius provide a wide range of UN2900, UN2814 Category A Infectious Materials, and UN3373 Biological Substances certified solutions that protect the integrity of clinical research materials and reduce risks to ensure better patient and public health.

With a range of customisation options available, our ORCA, PathoShield, PathoPak, and PharmaTherm product ranges have all been designed to meet the specific demands and laboratory research and development packaging needs. As a result, they have helped with many successful research and development projects worldwide.

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BioTherm with Dry Ice label

Achieve Compliance

Regulatory compliance is not optional. For laboratories and research and development facilities, it’s important for the safety and well-being of laboratory staff, couriers, and the general public and the protection and integrity of the samples. At Intelsius, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure strict packaging compliance throughout the research and development process.

Our expert Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Services teams have all the knowledge and experience to ensure you’re fully compliant when shipping clinical trials materials. For information about contacting a dedicated team member, scroll down to the Get in Touch section. Alternatively, click here.

We also publish helpful guides to help you achieve compliance no matter the payload:

Intelsius operator moving sample transport packaging

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Communication and flexibility are crucial when creating the perfect laboratory research and development packaging solution; our sales experts can offer advice on the transportation of a wide variety of payloads.

Our team can help you:

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  • Find the correct off-the-shelf solution for your specific packaging needs
  • Or help you create a bespoke solution that meets your particular packaging needs.

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