95kPa Sample Bags

Intelsius 95kPa sample bags are ideal for shipping blood vials, specimen containers, swabs, blood collection bags, and medical devices. All our solutions are designed and tested to withstand a pressure difference of 95kPa to meet UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B regulations, ensuring your samples are safely and securely shipped from one location to another throughout local, national, and international shipping lanes.

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Category A and B

PathoPouch 95kPa sample bags are flexible leak-proof pressure vessels designed to hold primary containers such as blood vials, specimen containers, swabs (including COVID-19 test swabs), blood collection bags, and medical devices. These solutions are both Category A and B compliant.

Designed for ease of use, PathoPouch sample bags feature a simple closure system and unique tamper-evident seal that ensures the integrity of your specimens, as well as an easy tear-open section at the top of the bag that enables quick and easy retrieval.

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Category B

PathoSeal 95kPa secondary packaging is ideal for transporting various primary containers such as blood vials, swabs (including COVID-19 test swabs), blood collection bags, and medical devices. In addition, these solutions are Category B UN3373 compliant.

All PathoSeal products feature a simple closure system enabling ease of packing, plus the unique tamper-evident seal ensures the integrity of samples. In addition, the bags are sequentially numbered, providing a chain of custody and additional security. An external document pouch is also present for all sizes, except for PathoSeal 95 A6.

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