Markets We Serve

Discover more about the various markets we serve, product recommendations can be found within each market sector page. Intelsius’ portfolio of intelligent and environmentally friendly single-use and reusable temperature controlled and sample transport packaging solutions are used for the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, diagnostics, tissue, vaccines and blood supplies for the life science industry.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Making sure that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and diagnostic reagents are kept at the correct temperature is key to ensuring their effectiveness. Intelsius’ qualified packaging solutions offer a constant level of protection to keep the payload’s integrity in tact, from 2-8°C to 15-25°C and from the point of production to delivery to the patient.

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Disease Control and Human & Veterinary Health

Intelsius is the preferred response partner for human, veterinary, epidemic and pandemic events in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We’ve supported government agencies on the management of various disease outbreaks in both humans and animals.

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Clinical Trials

The compliant delivery of critical clinical trial supplies and samples is complex, so it’s important to partner with a packaging expert with the knowledge and understanding of all the risks involved.Intelsius’ robust, compliant packaging solutions will maintain temperature parameters from sample collection to extraction and transportation.

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Laboratories Research & Development

Regulatory compliance is not optional. For laboratories and R&D facilities it is important for the safety and well-being of laboratory staff, couriers and the general public, as well as for the protection and integrity of the samples. Intelsius provides a wide range of certified solutions that protect the integrity of clinical research materials, as well as reducing risks to ensure better patient and public health.

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Blood Transport

Transportation of blood and blood products, within the correct temperature range and conditions, from the point of collection from blood donors, to transfusion to the patients is of the up most importance. The transit time for these components should not normally exceed 24 hours: any excursions from the specified temperature ranges during transportation can have detrimental effects on the efficacy.

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Food Testing

Intelsius supplies test kits and packaging systems for establishments such as abattoirs, laboratories, meat plants and food retailers, who are required to send samples of food for routine testing for salmonella bacteria and other potential threats to public health. In many cases these samples require regulatory compliant packaging and some require temperature-controlled solutions.

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Intelsius strives to make the process as seamless as possible when working with logistic providers. Providing both temperature controlled packing for global large scale projects and more bespoke packing for specialist shipments.

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