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ORCA Cloud is a universal logger portal that makes tracking your shipments easy.

ORCA Cloud allows you to track and report on multiple loggers anywhere in the world, simplifying the supply chain tracking process and giving you complete visibility of your payload without needing to access multiple portals.

No matter what packaging you use or which logger device you’re working with, you can monitor your payload throughout its journey and download reports all in one place.

Introducing ORCA Cloud

What distinguishes ORCA Cloud from other data logger portals is its universality and adaptability; all your logger devices are recorded in one place, with data presented how and when you need it, no matter which or how many loggers you use, or what packaging solution you want to use. ORCA Cloud has been created with you, the customer, in mind, giving you complete oversight of all your payloads, packaging, and loggers in one place.

Core ORCA Cloud benefits include:

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Creating Your Shipment

Creating a shipping lane and payload to track on ORCA Cloud couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve been given access to your dedicated portal (capable of providing access to as many private users as you wish), you’ll start by creating your shipment in four simple steps:

Step 1: Create shipment

Step 2: Choose your shipping lane

Step 3: Create cargo

Step 4: Add documents

Explore the ORCA Cloud setup dashboard below to see how a new user creates their shipment.

  • orca cloud screenshot - create shipment
    Create your shipment. Simply name your shipment, input start and end dates, and name your project.

Monitor Key Data Live

Once you’ve created your shipment, you’ll be able to access your portal wherever and whenever you want, with live monitoring capabilities from start to finish and oversight of multiple data sets, including:

You can access reports live during transit or at the end of your shipment’s journey. Once logged into ORCA Cloud, you can quickly and easily access the data you need as and when you need it.

Explore our live reporting dashboard below.

  • orca cloud screenshot - GPS
    GPS tracking: you can monitor the movement of your payload from start to finish, ensuring it follows a pre-agreed route without delays or deviation.

Consistent Reporting

You choose who can access your ORCA Cloud portal and what reports and data they see. Your portal belongs to you, and we ensure you can manage it in a way that suits you.

You can access a full range of reports post-delivery that tell you everything you need to know about the shipment’s journey. For example, you’ll know where it was, who opened it and when, and what condition your payload was in on arrival. This added level of shipping lane oversight gives you, and your customer added confidence that the payload hasn’t been compromised at any stage throughout its journey.

Explore the ORCA Cloud reports gallery below.

  • orca cloud screenshot - timeline
    Reporting dashboard: you'll be able to select specific shipments to access multiple reports.

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