ORCA Sample Transport combines ORCA Single and Multi-Use temperature-controlled overpack systems with PathoPak sample transport packaging to give you a complete shipping solution for temperature-sensitive samples.

Fully compliant for shipping UN2900, UN2814 Category A Infectious Materials, and UN3373 Biological Substances, ORCA Sample Transport utilises vacuum insulated panel and phase change material technology, giving you temperature control in even the most extreme shipping lanes.

When packing your samples, please consult our ORCA Sample Transport label guidance to ensure compliance is achieved from start to finish.

ORCA STP label Guide 

orca sample transport - temperature-controlled sample transport
ORCA Sample Transport

Combining our PathoPak sample transport and ORCA temperature-controlled packaging solutions into one complete shipping solution for samples requiring temperature control. ORCA Sample Transport provides a fully UN2900, UN2814 Category A Infectious Materials, and UN3373 Biological Substances compliant sample transport system that ensures temperature stability throughout transit.

Combining these two systems into one complete shipping solution is simple. Click here to speak to your local branch about purchasing the right PathoPak and ORCA system for your specific temperature-controlled sample transport needs.


  • Fully compliant sample transport packaging system
  • High-performance temperature-controlled overpack qualified against ISTA 7D temperature profiles
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Provided with all regulatory markings and labels to help ensure your dangerous goods compliance
  • Multi and single-use solutions are available
  • Logging and tracking options are available
Product Sheet
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Using PathoPak for Temperature Sensitive Samples

Strong, durable, and highly protective, when combined with ORCA overpack systems, PathoPak sample transport solutions provide the ideal secondary packaging for transporting temperature-sensitive samples.

Whether you’re shipping blood, urine, tissue or swab samples, the PathoPak sample transport solution is UN Category A and B Infectious Substances compliant and is pre-printed with the relevant markings for shipping.

Click below to find out more about our PathoPak range.

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Using ORCA as a Temperature-Controlled Overpack System

Using ORCA temperature-controlled packaging as your sample transport overpack system provides temperature stability when transporting UN certified Category A and B substances that require temperature control.

Available as single, multi-use and connected solutions, ORCA overpack systems comprise VIP and PCM technology, ensuring sample efficacy in even the most demanding shipping lanes. Click below to find out more about Intelsius’ ORCA range.

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