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PharmaTherm Pallet PCM

PharmaTherm Pallet PCM is a pallet-sized solution for large-volume, temperature controlled pharmaceutical shipments. PharmaTherm Pallet PCM covers a 2-8°C temperature range, qualified against high performance winter and summer testing profiles.

PharmaTherm Pallet PCM provides a robust solution for regional and international shipping all year round. With the solution suitable for single and double body aircraft, PharmaTherm Pallet PCM can be sent to all destinations.


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User Benefits

PharmaTherm Pallet PCM is a new and improved addition to the PharmaTherm Pallet family. These improvements have direct knock-on benefits, including:

  • More even PCM distribution throughout thaw cycle resulting in more uniform temperature inside the system. Dimensionally stable during freezing process and thawing equate to higher efficiency. Payload temperature distribution is more homogeonous.
  • Improved durability compared to standard gel bags and no significant leakage if the cooling element is damaged.
  • High performance PCM solution – improved minimum duration performance for the PHT375 system.
  • Improved payload capacity across range.
  • Easy to use temperature probe point for preparation validation work.
  • Easy to assemble system
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