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ORCA Connect: Stay Connected To Your Shipment

ORCA Connect is a high performance, passive, temperature-controlled packaging solution designed with full integration capability for real-time tracking. ORCA Connect allows for various tracking solutions for your temperature critical payloads. Not bound by a specific hardware ORCA Connect provides the freedom to utilise the optimum tracking solution for your requirements, ensuring you are always connected.


Product Sheet
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  • High-performance passive temperature-controlled packaging
  • Minimum performance: 96 hours against ISTA 7D
  • Dedicated and secure space outside of payload but inside packaging for tracking hardware
  • Available in four sizes across three temperature ranges
  • Dedicated and secure space outside of payload but inside packaging for supplies or documents
  • Available for purchase and rent
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ORCA Connect Vision

ORCA Connect Vision is the latest development in our range of connected ORCA solutions. It provides all the benefits of ORCA Connect but with an added viewing window allowing it to work alongside the latest real-time tracking logger devices with screen functionality.

Product Sheet
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How You Stay Connected, Is Up To You

ORCA Connect is an open platform concept for connected temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

A variety of data logging and tracking solutions are available through Intelsius; alternatively, contact a member of our team to understand how ORCA Connect can work with your current tracking solution.

With selected solutions, the ORCA Connect has the potential for real-time tracking of:

  • External temperature
  • Internal temperature
  • Exact location
  • Orientation (Optional)
  • Shock (Optional)
  • Light (Optional)

To discuss how ORCA Connect can help safely transport your samples, specimens, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, or other temperature-sensitive materials, contact us using the link below.

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ORCA Consumables

Enhance, replace, or add to your ORCA temperature-controlled packaging with our range of ORCA Consumables, including carry bags, payload cartons, loggers, logger holders, PCM, and correx outers.

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