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ORCA Connect: Stay Connected To Your Shipment

ORCA Connect is a high performance, passive, temperature-controlled packaging range designed with full integration capability for real-time tracking. ORCA Connect allows for the usage of various tracking solutions for your temperature critical payloads. Not bound by a specific hardware ORCA Connect provides the freedom to utilise the optimum tracking solution for your requirements, ensuring you are always connected.


Product Sheet
orca connect


  • High performance passive temperature controlled packaging
  • Minimum performance: 96 hours against ISTA 7D
  • Dedicated and secure space outside of payload but inside packaging for tracking hardware
  • Available in four sizes across three temperature ranges
  • Dedicated and secure space outside of payload but inside packaging for supplies or documents
  • Available for purchase and for rent

How You Stay Connected, Is Up To You

ORCA Connect is an open platform concept for connected temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

A variety of data logging and tracking solutions are available through Intelsius alternatively contact a member of our team to understand how ORCA Connect can work with your current tracking solution.

With selected solutions, the ORCA Connect has the potential for real-time tracking of:

  • External temperature
  • Internal temperature
  • Exact location
  • Orientation (Optional)
  • Shock (Optional)
  • Light (Optional)

To discuss how ORCA Connect can help safely transport your samples, specimens, vaccines, pharmaceuticals or other temperature-sensitive materials contact us using the link below.

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