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December 10 – 3:00PM GMT

How a coronavirus vaccine could be distributed around the globe: key challenges & the role of temperature-controlled packaging solutions

Richard Peck (AstraZeneca) and Jens Mangelsen (DGP Intelsius) discuss the key challenges and the role of temperature-controlled packaging during global vaccine distribution.

Challenge 1: Maintaining vaccine efficacy during transit

Challenge 2: Coping with massive demand in an efficient and cost-effective way

Challenge 3: Understanding where shortages may arise and how to resolve them

Challenge 4: Understanding how to complete the immunisation effort with as little waste and environmental impact as possible

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intelsius webinar - vaccine distribution in asia

December 16 – 8:00AM GMT / 16:00 SGT

Michael Culme-Seymour (WHO), John Lyon (Warwick University), Jens Mangelsen (DGP Intelsius) and Lim Fung Kwong (DGP Intelsius) look at the key challenges involved in distributing vaccines throughout Asia.

Focusing on challenges specific to vaccine distribution in Asia, the webinar will discuss solutions to overcome infrastructure limitations, security concerns, vaccine efficacy, and vaccine visibility. We will also discuss the vital role temperature-controlled packaging solutions play in an efficient and effective cold chain.


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