ORCA temperature-controlled packaging solutions are now available to rent, simplifying your cold chain logistics, saving you time and money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Watch a short animated video to find out more. Or, use the rental order tool below to place an order.

Rental Ordering Tool 
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Why Use ORCA Rental

ORCA Rental solutions from 1 and 2L ORCA Response solutions, right up to 345L ORCA Pallet systems can be fully customised to your cold chain needs, helping support fluctuations in demand, ensuring temperature-controlled packaging costs can be effectively managed.

The is an ideal solution for customers looking to reduce stock  levels or who want access to the very best temperature-controlled packaging on a short term basis.

ORCA Rental give users the opportunity to use the very best temperature-controlled packaging in a way suited to their cold chain processes. This leads to many benefits:

  • Trusted and qualified temperature-controlled packaging, ready to use when you need it
  • Increase flexibility to react to changes in demand
  • Reduce stock holding requirements
  • Only pay for the packaging required
  • Utilise Intelsius expertise in preparation and conditioning
  • Ensure a minimum of 96 hours of performance
ORCA Rental Guide
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Ultimate Flexibility

Rented ORCA packaging solutions can be customised to provide a solution adapted to your requirements. Choose variables including:

  • Temperature
  • Size (1L to 345L solutions available)
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Logger integrations
  • Delivery legs
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Tree Planting Promise

Intelsius are serious about real environmental change. By renting reusable ORCA systems, you are helping us to achieve a greener future. To further support a greener tomorrow, Intelsius will work in partnership with One Tree Planted to fund planting a new tree for every ORCA system rented.

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How Can ORCA Rental Work for You?

We have been providing ready-to-use sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions for several years.

Get in touch with us now to understand how rental options can work to support your cold chain processes.

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ORCA Rental Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a rental order?

You can place online rental orders by using the regional shops linked below or emailing a rental ordering form to compliance@intelsius.com.



DACH (German language site)Rental form only, email to info@intelsius.de or compliance@intelsius.com

When will my rented ORCA Packaging be delivered?

Orders placed before 12.00 PM can be despatched the same day and delivered the following morning to your chosen first leg delivery address. You can also place orders up to 30 days in advance; please use the desired delivery date picker at checkout to select the date you would like your packaging to be delivered or collected.

How long does the rental period last?

Rental periods are fixed at ten days; if solutions are not returned within this period, a second ten-day rental fee will be charged.

When does the ten-day rental period start?

The ten-day rental period begins on the day of delivery. The delivery date is included within the ten-day period.

How do I return the ORCA packaging?

Please return the packaging solution to your local rental centre. A list of rental centres can be seen below. Orders must be returned to the same site that supplied the rental solution.

U.K ORCA Rental Centre – DGP Intelsius, 1 Harrier Court, Airfield Business Park, Elvington YORK, YO41 4EA, U.K

U.S ORCA Rental Centre – DGP Intelsius LLC, 1399 Perry Rd, Suite 190, Plainfield, IN 46168, United States

DACH ORCA Rental Centre – DGP Intelsius GmbH, Eulerweg 11, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany

How long do the temperature-controlled solutions last?

Our ORCA temperature-controlled solutions are certified against ISTA 7D summer testing standards to maintain temperatures between +2-+8°C (fridge), +15-+25°C (controlled room-temperature), -15–25°C (frozen) or below -70°C (deep-frozen) for a minimum of 96 hours. Due to the time in transit when delivering pre-conditioning systems, some performance may be lost. For detailed information on the performance of specific solutions, please contact compliance@intelsius.com.

Which temperature-controlled solutions are available to rent?

All ORCA solutions except ORCA Single Use are available to rent as part of the ORCA Rental service, from 1L ORCA Response solutions, right up to 345L ORCA Pallet systems.

How much does it cost to rent temperature-controlled packaging?

Pricing for ORCA Rental products varies based on several factors, including solution size, delivery legs, and pre-conditioning requirements. Please use the selector above to reveal the price of specific solutions. If you require a quote for multiple solutions, please email compliance@intelsius.com

Can I purchase the packaging outright?

Of course, please visit our online store to browse our full portfolio of sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

What are the benefits of renting temperature-controlled packaging?

There are several benefits of renting ORCA solutions as part of our ORCA Rental Services.

These include:

• Having access to trusted and qualified temperature-controlled packaging, ready to use when you need it
• Increase flexibility to react to changes in demand
• Reduce stock holding requirements, only paying for packaging when required
• Utilise Intelsius expertise in preparation and conditioning
• Support the environment by reducing wasted packaging

What happens if I return the packaging late or damaged?

If the packaging is not returned within the ten-day rental period, a second rental charge will be applied. If the packaging is still not returned after twenty days, you will be charged the purchase price for a full ORCA system.

We understand that packaging solutions can be damaged in transit and hence do not charge for minor damages to the solution. Minor damages include scuffs to the outer packaging and allow for up to two blown VIPs within a single system. If any VIPs or PCM bottles are missing, they will be charged at the price stated within our rental terms and conditions.