Dry Ice Packaging

If you’re shipping pharmaceutical products or biologic substances requiring between -20°C and -80°C storage temperatures, we have a range of dry ice packaging solutions to meet your needs. All Intelsius dry ice solutions are designed and tested in our ISTA-certified laboratory against challenging ISTA 7D profiles, ensuring complete protection for your payload.

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orca multi use

ORCA Multi-Use

Dry Ice | 120+ Hours | 1.5L - 50L

ORCA Multi-Use is high-performance temperature-controlled packaging that saves you time, money and reduces your carbon footprint. Combining robust outer and vacuum insulated panels, ORCA Multi-Use can be used repeatedly before refurbishment or replacement is required.

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ORCA Single Use Thermal Box

ORCA Single Use

Dry Ice | 120+ Hours | 1.5L - 50L

ORCA Single Use utilises vacuum insulated panels to create a high-performance temperature-controlled packaging solution that is ideal for one-way shipments of pharmaceutical products and biologic substances requiring -20°C temperatures and below.

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PharmaTherm with PCM


Dry Ice | 120+ Hours | 1.4L - 39L

PharmaTherm high-density EPS shippers are specifically designed for shipping pharmaceutical products throughout local and international cold chains. Combined with dry ice, PharmaTherm packaging is the ideal solution for local and international shipments requiring storage temperatures of -20°C and below.

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PharmaTherm Pallet Temperature Controlled Solution

PharmaTherm Pallet

Dry Ice | 120+ Hours | 233.5L - 373.1L

PharmaTherm Pallet temperature-controlled EPS solutions are designed for larger pharmaceutical shipments of up to 450L. PharmaTherm Pallet shippers are easy to use, cost-effective, and ensure payload integrity no matter the shipping lane.

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