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Intelsius BioTherm packaging systems ensure that you are fully compliant to IATA, ADR, and 49 CFR (DOT) transport regulations. These shipping systems are pre-qualified to maintain sample integrity during shipments from 24 to 120 hours against Intelsius’ demanding High-Performance Dry Ice temperature, 2-8°C profiles and 15-25°C profiles. The range is tested and qualified in conjunction with Intelsius Specimen Transport Packaging.

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This range of packaging is designed to optimise shipping volume and minimise freight costs, ensuring you get full value for your shipping solution.

Intelsius BioTherm insulated shipping systems have unique sturdy carry handles to enable careful handling throughout the cold chain, and a tongue and groove lid and base to enable quick and simple assembly. Pack-out instruction sheets are supplied to ensure correct assembly thus ensuring performance.

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