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The PathoSeal 95 range is designed and tested to withstand a pressure difference of 95 kPa to meet UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B regulations.

The PathoSeal Liquitite range is designed and tested to meet Category B transport regulations when used in conjunction with 95 kPa primaries.

This range of flexible secondary packaging is ideal for the transportation of a variety of primary containers such as blood vials, swabs (including COVID-19 test swabs), blood collection bags and medical devices.

PathoShield 4 with Bag

All PathoSeal products feature a simple closure system enabling ease of packing, plus the unique tamper evident seal ensures the integrity of samples. In addition the bags are sequentially numbered, providing a chain of custody and additional security. An external document pouch is also present for all sizes with the exception of PathoSeal 95 A6.

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Widely used to support COVID-19 testing schemes

PathoSeal solutions are often used in conjunction with our PathoShield outers, providing a complete UN3373 Category B sample packaging solution that keeps samples safe, secure, and certified prior to testing and sample analysis. Recently our PathoSeal products have played a key role in both public and private Coronavirus testing schemes.

The simple open and close feature and range of size variants means the chosen PathoSeal solution can quickly slot into a current COVID-19 testing scheme or support a new process designed to suit your business requirements. Please call our customer services team now to discuss how the PathoSeal can be the perfect packaging solution to support your COVID-19 testing demands.