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Label Compliance

Intelsius offer a wide range of labels frequently used in pharmaceutical and sample transportation.

Label compliance is essential during the transport of dangerous goods, and to help make this process as easy to understand as possible, we have recently updated our label guides.

We have two label guides available to customers; one focuses on when and where to apply labels to achieve compliance., the other looks specifically at using our ORCA packaging solutions as temperature-controlled overpacks maintaining your sample’s efficacy for periods of up to 120 hours.

biotherm with dry ice solutions and un3373 labels

Intelsius Label Compliance Guide

The updated guide can be found below. This guide is designed to give you basic instructions on when to apply each label. It’s the responsibility of the consignor/sender to ensure that all packaging is prepared and labelled correctly.

Please get in touch with our customer services team to discuss your requirements if you are unsure how to achieve label compliance.


Intelsius Label Guide
ORCA Multi-Use and PathoPak

ORCA Sample Transport Label Guide

ORCA Sample Transport solutions are ideal when transporting UN Class 6.2 infectious substances requiring temperature control during transit. This label guide provides information on correctly labelling your ORCA overpack to ensure compliance throughout the cold chain.


ORCA STP Label Guide