Intelligent from the very beginning.

Company Mission Statement

We will do all we can to protect life’s most precious cargo, and to help eradicate disease & cure illness in patients. We will do this through intelligent design, delivering environmentally sustainable solutions globally.


Our vision is to be the leader in the environmentally safe manufacture and supply of temperature controlled & regulatory compliant solutions.

Intelsius were incorporated as DGP Group in 1998, when the company developed a unique packaging solution designed for the transportation of samples suspected of containing the BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, or “Mad Cow Disease”) prion. Within a year, DGP Group became the first UN-certified BSE sample shipper in the world. The company soon went global, becoming widely recognised as one of the market leaders of sample transport and temperature-compliant packaging solutions.

Over the next decade, DGP Group continued to grow globally, building a reputation for progressive product development and a commitment to sustainable practices.

In 2010, DGP Group rebranded its packaging solutions enterprise under a new name: Intelsius.


Intelsius have continued to push the envelope, developing technological services unavailable elsewhere in the temperature-controlled packaging industry. To current clients, the most exciting among these is the ATMOS™ suite. Utilised by the Intelsius technical team, ATMOS allows our clients to forgo much of the time-consuming and expensive test-chamber process generally required when testing temperature-controlled packaging solutions. This cuts clients’ costs and development by up to 70%. It also allows for advanced lane shipping tests meaning you can be sure that temperature excursions will not occur in even the most extreme environments.

Exciting new products continue to be developed as Intelsius push for greener solutions. Furthermore, the recently launched Intelsius Direct Rental and Fulfilment Services allow for flexibility in the purchase of solutions, and enabling the reuse of packaging, reducing waste and costs.

These and other developments have all been products of our commitment to listening to our clients, and being responsive to their needs – and, often anticipating their needs before they arise.