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Sample Transport Packaging

We have been designing and manufacturing Category A and B compliant sample transport solutions for over 20 years. So whether you’re collecting or shipping blood, urine or tissue samples from one or 100 sites, our varied range of sample transport solutions has the answer.

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Category B | 96+ Hours | Dry Ice | Fully Recyclable

GreenTherm from Intelsius is a fully recyclable, high-performance, single use range of parcel shippers for the transportation of temperature sensitive payloads.

Available in three sizes; 7L, 14L and 23L, and tested against challenging ISTA 7D profiles to maintain temperature control below -20°C for up to 96+ hours, GreenTherm temperature-controlled packaging delivers cold chain excellence while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

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sample transport - biotherm


Category A and B | 120+ Hours | Dry Ice, 2-8°C, 15-25°C

BioTherm packaging systems ensure that you are fully compliant with IATA, ADR, and 49 CFR (DOT) transport regulations. These shipping systems can be built for category A or B compliance and are pre-qualified to maintain sample integrity during shipments for up to 120 hours against Intelsius’ demanding High-Performance Dry Ice temperature, 2-8°C and 15-25°C profiles.

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PathoPak 2


Category A and B

PathoPak sample transport packaging is certified for Category A and B shipments, meeting IATA, ADR, and CFR 49 (DOT) transport regulations, and ensuring optimal protection for your samples regardless of the specimen classification.

Strong, durable and highly protective, PathoPak packaging is suitable for shipping a wide range of primaries, including blood tubes, specimen containers, swabs, blood collection/transfusion bags and medical devices.

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PathoShield 4 and bag


Category A and B

PathoShield is a complete shipping solution designed to carry a wide range of primaries, including blood vials, swabs and sample containers. Each system is pre-printed with the required markings and includes the relevant components to ship samples in compliance with transport regulations. PathoShield solutions are ideal when transporting samples for COVID-19 testing and analysis.

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orca sample transport - temperature-controlled sample transport

ORCA Sample Transport

Category A and B | 120+ Hours | Dry Ice, 2-8°C, 15-25°C

ORCA Sample Transport combines PathoPak sample transport packaging and ORCA temperature-controlled packaging into one complete shipping solution for samples requiring temperature control. ORCA Sample Transport provides a fully UN2900, UN2814 Category A Infectious Materials, and UN3373 Biological Substances compliant sample transport system that ensures temperature stability throughout transit.

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Category B

Intelsius BioShield packaging is a unique patented system designed to handle sample extraction to laboratory presentation handling processes. In addition, BioShield packaging is a highly protective single-use shipping solution available for various sample capacities, helping to reduce waste and cut costs associated with sample transportation.

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biotherm extreme

BioTherm Extreme

Category A and B | Dry Ice to +40°C

The BioTherm Extreme™ product range protects the integrity of critical ambient patient samples when exposed to extreme climates from -30°C to +40°C. These systems are qualified for between 4 to 38 hours. In addition, the range is from sub 1kg to sub 5kg actual/volumetric weight, which delivers a lower cost transportation solution than traditional temperature protection methods.

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Veterinary Sampling Kit

BioShield Veterinary Field Kit

Category B

The BioShield FK Veterinary Field Kit is a patented solution for safely and effectively transporting blood samples from extraction to laboratory presentation. The Category B compliant BioShield FK is equipped with sequential barcode numbering on all test tubes for sample traceability. In addition, the BioShield FK is designed to give you peace of mind by providing your samples maximum protection during collection and transport.

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Category B | 2-8°C, 15-25°C

The Intelsius BioCarrier Range is a rigid, durable, reusable transit case designed for local courier routes and multiple site sample collections. The rugged polymer outer with the EPP insulated liner maintains sample integrity at 2-8°C for up to 24 hours.

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biomailer - postal kits


Category B

The BioMailer is designed for shipping small specimens, such as blood vials and slides, within national and global postal networks. The rigid plastic case ensures that samples are protected during transit and allows the system to be refurbished and used again, offering both a cost-saving and environmental benefit.

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