We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. In real terms, this responsibility impacts how we design and develop our products, the materials we use, our commitment to recycling, and our partnerships with environmentally driven charity organisations.

In August 2022, we published our Corporate Carbon Footprint report for our York Headquarters, which outlines our current carbon emissions output in the U.K. We will be replicating this process across all global Intelsius sites. This is the first step in our mission to achieve net zero by 2050.

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Green Design

At Intelsius, our dedicated Technical team are committed to creating environmentally friendly solutions, without compromising quality. One of the ways we do this is by reducing volumetric weight, equalling cost benefit to you, the customer, and minimising transport requirements.

Intelsius Atmospheric Thermal Modelling Services (ATMOS) form an integral part of the development of our temperature-controlled packaging systems. Allowing for the virtual simulation of our packaging against any temperature profile in a fraction of the time it’d take to run real-world simulation and testing, ATMOS allows Intelsius to increase product integrity through virtual testing, all while reducing our carbon footprint by decreasing wasted packaging and unnecessary shipping activity.

To find out more about ATMOS Services, and its two applications known as ATMOS Packaging and ATMOS Lane, click the link below.


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Green Solutions

Creating sustainable packaging, and operating sustainable working environments is at the very core of our commitment to becoming a truly green, environmentally friendly business. As a result, Intelsius recycles 100% of its waste cardboard and plastic and is committed to creating reusable packaging solutions such as GreenTherm and ORCA Multi-Use that significantly cut down on waste.

As well as proudly designing and manufacturing reusable solutions, we operate refurbishment, fulfilment and rental services that allow our solutions to be used again and again, significantly reducing waste. Click below to find out more about our ORCA Rental, and how this helps our customers to positively contribute to the natural environment without compromising on quality and compliance.



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GreenTherm Fully Recyclable Temperature-Controlled Packaging

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Green Partnerships

At Intelsius, we’re proud corporate partners of the ORCA charity.

U.K.-based charity ORCA are on a mission to protect the whales and dolphins that live in and visit U.K. waters. Intelsius are committed to supporting this vital cause by holding regular fundraising events. Find out more about ORCA charity and their important mission here.

We’re also proud to partner with Switch2Zero, with whom we plant trees for every purchase made on our web store. We commit 5% of all e-commerce sales to planting trees, helping our customers to make a positive environmental impact every time they buy from Intelsius.

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Green Workspaces

We’ve taken significant steps to ensure our workspaces are green. In 2017 we installed LED lighting in all Intelsius locations, reducing our carbon emissions by 21 tonnes per annum. In the same year, we installed solar panels, which is contributing towards an annual carbon reduction of 12 tonnes. Heating and air conditioning are restricted to office hours and controlled at a central resource to reduce individual employee wastage.

We’ll continue to explore ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, making changes to the way we operate our day-to-day operations without compromising the quality of our products or services.


In 2021 we began our push towards Net Zero. We are fully committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050 in line with government guidelines.

In August 2022, we published the findings from our carbon emissions calculations for our U.K. site, details of which can be seen in our carbon reduction plan linked below. Having now completed this key first step in tackling carbon emissions and moving towards net carbon neutrality, we will be publishing further information about our strategy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across all five of our global sites by 2050.


Our Carbon Reduction Plan 2023

Our Carbon Reduction Plan 2022

Our Carbon Reduction Plan 2021

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If you have questions about our green solutions, including ORCA Rental, ATMOS or our multi-use packaging, or would like to discuss our Green Mission further, please contact your local branch.


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