Fulfilment Services

Intelsius Fulfilment Services combine Intelsius sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions with a suite of bespoke build, pre-conditioning, refurbishment and delivery services that simplify your sample transport and cold chain logistics.

Scroll down to discover how Intelsius Fulfilment Services can save you time and money and reduce your carbon footprint, regardless of the payload or shipping lane.

Dry Ice Box filling


Our expert on-site Technical teams can pre-condition your temperature-controlled packaging solutions in our state-of-the-art thermal chambers, ensuring your packaging is ready to be used upon delivery.

Whether you require 2-8°C, 15-25°C or deep-frozen temperatures using dry ice, when you choose Intelsius pre-conditioning services, your temperature-controlled packaging will arrive exactly how you need it, saving you time and money.

intelsius fulfilment services

Direct to Site

Intelsius Direct to Site services are designed to save your organisation money, time and storage space by increasing efficiency in distributing temperature-controlled packaging materials. We have hundreds of flexible solution options in stock, available for delivery to any facility, including labs, doctors’ offices, universities or clinical trial locations. So if your company wants to lower its shipping costs, manpower requirements, storage space or speciality couriers, ask us how with direct to site services.


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Get more out of your Intelsius packaging with our complete refurbishment service. Send your used packaging back to us, and we’ll clean, restore and quality check before returning it to you in full working order.

Get in touch to find out whether your Intelsius packaging is eligible for refurbishment, or to discuss Intelsius Fulfilment Services further.


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Kitting services allow you to combine off-the-shelf Intelsius packaging solutions to create bespoke sample transport packaging tailored to your needs. Our expert Technical Team and dedicated Production Team can work with you to ensure your specific packaging requirements are met, including achieving UN Category A and B compliance. So no matter what you’re shipping or where you’re shipping it, we can work with you to find a solution.

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We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, both in the materials we use and our processes to design and develop our packaging. Where possible, we use fully recyclable materials. In cases where you’re unable to recycle elements of our packaging easily, you can return it to us, and we’ll ensure it is recycled.

Read our helpful packaging recycling guide to find out more about how to recycle your Intelsius packaging.


Recycling Guide
Vaccine Packaged with Dry Ice

Multi-Leg Transportation

We understand supply chains can often be complex, especially when transporting temperature-sensitive or dangerous goods. We can support your logistics requirements, providing additional labels and outers to ensure your packaging can be transported safely through a cold chain. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and let us help get your payload safely from A to B to C.

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ORCA Rental is a core part of Intelsius Fulfilment Services, enabling you to reduce costs and stock holding requirements. Ideal for one-off or limited period shipments, our rental services give you access to our complete range of sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions as and when you need them.

Click the button below to find out more about ORCA Rental, our temperature-controlled packaging rental service giving you access to our wide range of ORCA solutions how and when you need them.

ORCA Rental

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