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ORCA Pallet 345L

ORCA Pallet

ORCA Pallet is a collapsible, high-performance pallet-sized shipper giving you a cost-effective and sustainable solution when transporting high-volume pharmaceutical payloads.

ORCA Pallet is available in three sizes (100L, 255L and 345L) and utilises the same high-performance vacuum-insulated panel and advanced phase change material technology as our wider ORCA range.

ORCA Pallet separates itself from other pallet-sized systems due to its unique design, allowing you to fully collapse the packaging, making it easy and cost-effective to store.

Watch our video below to find out more.

ORCA Pallet 255L Open

ORCA Pallet Features

  • High-performance passive temperature-controlled packaging
  • Fully collapsible, making it easy to pack down and store
  • Multi-use system
  • Minimum 96 hours of performance against challenging ISTA-7D profiles
  • Available in three sizes: Half Euro (800 x 600) 100L, Euro (800 x 1200) 255L, US Pallet (1200 x 1000) 345L
  • Available in four temperature ranges: +2°C to +8°C, +15°C to +25°C, -25°C to -15°C, Dry Ice
  • Compatible with various data loggers

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