Intelsius PharmaTherm and BioTherm temperature-controlled packaging solutions have been upgraded to accommodate even more data logger types and brands

Notification of Change to EPS Lid Logger Recess

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Single-use, multi-use, and connected temperature-controlled packaging designed to protect your pharmaceutical or biologic payload against even the most extreme external temperatures

Temperature-Controlled Packaging

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UN3373 packaging
Category A and B compliant sample transport packaging solutions designed to protect your human or animal samples anywhere in the supply chain

Sample Transport

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PathoPak Collection
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Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Our multi-use, single-use, and connected temperature-controlled packaging solutions maintain internal temperatures for pharmaceutical or biologic products between -80°C and 15-25°C. Solutions provide 96+ hours of temperature protection and span payload sizes from 1L handheld shippers to 450L pallet shippers. Hover and click below to discover more.

ORCA Single Use Thermal Box

Parcel Shippers

Single and multi-use parcel shippers designed for carrying temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and biologic substances through local and international cold chains

ORCA Pallet shippers 1

Pallet Shippers

Intelsius pallet shippers are designed to carry larger pharmaceutical shipments of up to 450L

orca response

Personal Shippers

Temperature-controlled packaging designed for smaller, 1L and 2L payloads such as blood packs and personal medicines

orca connect vision tec4med logger

Connected Packaging

Track your payload throughout its journey with Intelsius connected temperature-controlled packaging solutions

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Protecting Life’s Most Precious Cargo for 25 Years

We have been designing and manufacturing environmentally sustainable and regulatory compliant sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging for 25 years.

Patient safety is always at the forefront of our product development. Ensuring your pharmaceutical products and biological samples arrive at their destination with their integrity intact is paramount.

As well as offering a diverse range of sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions, our expert Technical Services team and ISTA-certified laboratory ensure we can design, test and qualify your packaging with your specific payload and shipping lane in mind.

Global Supply

Intelsius products and services are available on every continent.

Hover and click below to discover how your local office or distributor can meet your packaging needs.

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