PharmaTherm 30


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Full Description

The PharmaTherm 30 range is designed to offer optimal thermal protection when transporting pharmaceutical products. The range is fully qualified to maintain payload temperature for up to 96 hours, giving customers confidence in the most demanding of shipping lanes. Designed for payload volumes of 15.2 litres or less the PharmaTherm 30 is ideal for the simple, stable and cost-effective transportation of temperature critical samples for up to 96 hours.

Key features:

  • Utilises PharmaChill cool packs – a hard wearing and durable re-usable coolant, reducing costs and landfill waste
  • 2-8°C systems qualified against the Intelsius High-Performance Quad Profile with stress peaks and overlapping mid-season temperatures, the PharmaTherm offers robust performance for all-season shipping and peace of mind
  • 15-25°C systems qualified against Intelsius Controlled Room Temperatures Profiles for ambient shipments
  • GDP compliant systems


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