ORCA Single-Use 4L


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Full Description

ORCA Single-Use are a range of high-performance, single use, passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions that provide superior thermal protection for high value, temperature sensitive payloads. ORCA Single-Use solutions use an innovative design, ensuring your product reaches its destination with maximum efficacy. Designed for payload volumes of 4.5 litres or less, and weighing only 7.8kg, the ORCA Single-Use 4L is ideal for the simple, stable and cost-effective transportation of small temperature critical samples.

 Key features:

  • Qualified against ISTA 7D to ensure a minimum of 96 hours protection against even the most extreme temperatures
  • The ORCA Single-Use range utilises advanced Phase Change Materials and Vacuum Insulation Panels, creating unparalleled performance when compared against water-based systems, ensuring costly temperature excursions can be avoided
  • Fast and identical pack out processes for both summer and winter seasons minimising training requirements and reducing the risk of packing errors
  • Superior handling and greater durability are achieved due to innovative new box and handle design, allowing weight to be distributed evenly
  • Notes on conditioning, system requirements and desired collection time should be included within the order notes on the checkout page


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