ORCA solutions will soon be available for renting and fulfilment directly from Intelsius, simplifying your cold chain logistics. Customised to your cold chain requirements, fulfilled solutions will help support fluctuations in demand and ensure temperature-controlled packaging costs can be effectively controlled.


Rental & Fulfilment guide

Why Use ORCA Fulfilment Services

ORCA Fulfilment gives users the opportunity to use the very best in temperature-controlled packaging in a way suited to their cold chain processes. This leads to many benefits:

  • Trusted and qualified temperature-controlled packaging, ready to use when you need it
  • Increase flexibility to react to changes in demand
  • Reduce stock holding requirements
  • Only pay for the packaging required
  • Utilise Intelsius expertise in preparation and conditioning
  • Ensure a minimum of 96 hours of performance

Ultimate Flexibility

Fulfilled ORCA packaging solutions can be customised to provide a solution adapted to your requirements. Choose variables including:

  • Temperature
  • Size
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Connectivity
  • Delivery legs

Tree Planting Promise

Intelsius are serious about real environmental change. By renting reusable ORCA systems you are helping us to achieve a greener future. To further support a greener future, Intelsius will work in partnership with One Tree Planted to fund the planting of a new tree for every ORCA Connect system rented.

How Can ORCA Fulfilment Work for You?

We have been providing ready to use sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions for several years. Get in touch with us now to understand how fulfilment options can work for you.

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ORCA Fulfilment Video Guide

Our handy video guide answering;

What is ORCA Fulfilment?

What are the benefits of ORCA Fulfilment?

How does the service work?

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