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Intelsius is proud to introduce GreenTherm temperature-controlled packaging; a range of fully recyclable, high performance single use parcel shippers for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods.

What Makes GreenTherm a Sustainable Packaging Solution?

With a focus on circularity, GreenTherm is manufactured using more than 70% recycled materials, only utilising non-recycled materials where absolutely necessary. The key factor differentiating GreenTherm from other temperature-controlled packaging systems is it’s fully recyclable paper-based cellulose insulation. By using this innovative insulation, GreenTherm can be fully recycled within one paper waste stream, ensuring all its materials can be re-used, continuing the circular economy beyond its shelf life.

Does GreenTherm Match Lookalike EPS Systems in Terms of Performance?

Yes. It was key for us to ensure customers wouldn’t have to compromise on performance in order to reduce their carbon footprint. We’re happy to report that GreenTherm can maintain -20C temperatures using dry ice for 96+ hours, ensuring quality of performance comparable to non-recyclable EPS systems.

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What sizes and Temperature Rages Does GreenTherm Come in?

GreenTherm is available in three sizes; 7L, 14L and 23L, and tested against challenging ISTA 7D profiles to maintain temperature control below -20°C for up to 96+ hours. At present, GreenTherm is only available as a dry ice system, but PCM solutions achieving 2-8C and 15-25C are due to become available in the near future.

GreenTherm Key Features:
  • Provides 96+ hours of high-performance thermal protection below -20°C
  • Tested and fully qualified against ISTA-7D Sumer and Winter profiles
  • Fully recyclable in a single recycling stream
  • Available in sizes: 7L, 14L and 23L
  • Made using more than 70% recycled materials
  • High-performing and easy-to-use

Chief Commercial Officer(CCO) Jens Mangelsen commented on the process of designing GreenTherm:

“GreenTherm is the result of extensive testing and analysis of numerous materials to achieve the final product. Our primary goal was to use a high proportion of recycled raw materials, and to ensure that the product is fully recyclable in a single recycling process.  Performance, sustainability and ease of use were our priorities in the development of this range of packaging and Intelsius is proud to have created a solution that successfully combines these three key elements. We are committed to continuing the development of our products to assist our customers in their sustainability journey and doing our part to preserve and protect our environment with high-performing and efficient packaging solutions.”

Intelsius’ team of experts will be at the LogiPharma conference in Lyon, France today to officially launch the GreenTherm Dry Ice range. Intelsius CCO Jens Mangelsen, Sales Director Lisa Karabedian and Head of Sales for the DACH region Renan Zorer will be present at Booth 46 to introduce the range and answer any questions about our product portfolio.

Get in Touch

If you would like to know more about GreenTherm , reach out to and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to address your query.

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