Compliant sample transport packaging made easy.

Our product focus series kicks off with the PathoShield product range. The perfect solution for the compliant transportation of diagnostic samples explicitly designed for clinical trials, screening programs, and eradication schemes.

The PathoShield range offers a complete shipping solution to carry a wide range of primaries, including blood vials, swabs, and sample containers. Each system is pre-printed with the required markings and includes the relevant components to ship samples in compliance with transport regulations & regulations set out in UN3373, which underlines the packaging requirements for biological and infectious substances. This care and attention to compliance partnered with the range flexibility offered to allow for a seamless and cost-effective answer to clinical trial and screening packaging logistics.

The systems are simple to assemble and are available in various sizes. Furthermore, they are designed to ensure efficient use of shipping volume for minimal freight charges and can be flat-packed for practical storage. While the inclusion of an optional PathoPouch can make sure the PathoShield is compliant with both Category A and Category B biological and infectious substances.

To discover more about the PathoShield range, please take a moment to view the product datasheet using the link below or give our offices a call where one of our product experts will be happy to advise on how we can find the best-suited product for your packing needs.


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