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ORCA Response Temperature-Controlled Packaging

We’re proud to present ORCA Response temperature-controlled packaging, a new, highly portable, multi-use,  packaging solution ideal for the transportation of blood components, personalised medicines, and direct to patient services.

ORCA Response is part of our established and trusted ORCA solutions range of products and utilises the same advanced vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) and phase change materials (PCMs), ensuring superior temperature performance.

Where the ORCA Response really comes into its own is its size and shape. A smaller, rectangular payload space reduces wasted space, shipping costs, and minimises volumetric weight to allow solutions to be easily carried by hand for personal medication transport, direct to patient shipments as well sent through courier networks.

Designed with the end user in mind, ORCA Response combines high performance technology and ease of use where rapid response packaging is required. This optimum performance and small volumetric weight make ORCA Response a clear choice for sub 2L payload temperature-sensitive transportation and emergency applications.

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Safe Blood Transportation

ORCA Response temperature-controlled packaging helps support the safe transportation of blood and components with several key product features.

  • Rectangular payload space provides an ideal fitting for blood bags, keeping the payload secure and reducing wasted space.
  • Multiple temperature ranges available, each suitable for safely transporting a variety of blood components including whole blood, red blood cells, platelets and plasma.
  • Cost-effective transportation due to low volumetric weight.

Supporting Pharmaceutical Developments and Emergency Support

The opportunity to quickly transport ORCA Response temperature-controlled packaging around current courier networks makes it an ideal solution for the transportation of emerging personalised medicines. The use of personalised medicines is currently limited, but rapid growth is expected as technology in genome sequencing continues to improve and support the development of medicines created and matched to individuals. ORCA Response could play a pivotal role in maintaining the medicine between 2˚C and 8˚C and support the fast delivery to the patient.

Highly portable and easily carried by hand the ORCA response can also be successfully deployed in emergency military operations or for the transportation of temperature critical payloads over difficult terrain.

ORCA Response Features

  • 1L and 2L payload options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple coolant inventory
  • Universal pack out
  • Simple conditioning and assembly
  • 3 temperature ranges: 2 to 8˚C, 15 to 25˚C and -25 to -15˚C
  • Qualified against ISTA 7D summer and winter temperature profiles with a minimum performance of 48 hours

ORCA Response temperature-controlled packaging solutions are expected to be available in early 2021, enquire now for further information, or discover more about the ORCA Response.

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