Intelsius PharmaTherm and BioTherm temperature-controlled packaging solutions have been upgraded to accommodate even more data logger types and brands, ensuring you’re able to track your pharmaceutical and biologic shipments across the cold chain.


The EPS insulation used in Intelsius temperature controlled packaging solutions have a lid recess to accommodate data logging devices. In recent years those devices have changed significantly with more features and connectivity, they have also become larger and are available in multiple shape formats with various external probe connections.

With these developments we have chosen to update the logger recess across our packaging range to allow our customers to utilise these devices effectively within our products.

EPS RecessThe existing recess will change from 96 x 58 x 20 mm to 148 x 116 x 29 mm, an image of this can be seen on the following page The new recess will be capable of retaining more of the markets leading temperature monitoring devices such as:

  • Controlant CO 10.01
  • Controlant Saga
  • Emerson GO
  • SENTRY FlightSafe®
  • Sendum PT300D
  • SenseAware M4 + 3000 GO
  • Tec4Med Temp Beacon/SmartBeacon/CryoBeacon
  • TempTale® GEO Ultra Dry Ice Extended
  • TempTale® GEO Eagle Tive Solo 5G

A full list of compatible logging devices is available on request.

You will start to see changes to these recesses and the name plates of our EPS insulations sizes 7, 10, 14, 15, 30 45 & 80 in all regions/globally from 1st December 2023. Other minor modifications to lids will also take place in different regions to update and standardise the appearance and opening features of the systems.

Logger Integration Experts

Increasing the visibility of your payload in transit allows you to react to potential temperature excursions, maintaining your payload’s efficacy and saving you money.

We understand that all cold chains are unique, and we collaborate with a wide range of partners to provide the best possible solutions for your supply chains.

As outlined above, our products are logger agnostic, meaning you can choose the best tracking solution for your specific needs. Furthermore, we work with suppliers and customers to build innovative packaging solutions that give you visibility and optimum payload protection during transit.

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