ORCA DRY ICE Product Sheet

ORCA Connect, Multi-Use and Single-Use temperature-controlled packaging solutions have recently been qualified as dry ice solutions. Providing a minimum of 120 hours performance when using dry ice as a coolant, ORCA’s vacuum insulated panels (VIPS) provide superior insulation and protection when compared to traditional EPS shippers, amplifying the cooling properties of dry ice. This leads to several user benefits.

ORCA Dry Ice solutions give you Increased performance

All ORCA dry ice solutions are rigorously tested against challenging ISTA 7D temperature profiles to ensure a minimum of 120 performance in even the most challenging cold chain conditions. The performance is achieved through interlocking VIPs that reduce the loss rate of dry ice, ensuring it can keep the payload at temperatures below -20°C for longer periods. ORCA dry ice products provide maximised performance in easy-to-use, manageably-sized packaging, providing superior protection for your high-value vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics and personalised medicines.

EPS VS PCM Perfromance

Table 1: Showing loss rate of dry ice in EPS VS VIP solutions.


Greater proportion of packaging reserved for the payload

Alongside offering superior performance, the vacuum insulated panels used in ORCA solutions take up less space compared to traditional EPS shippers. By reducing the space required for insulation, more space can be reserved for the payload, allowing you to increase shipping quantities without increasing the volumetric weight or external dimensions of your shipments.


Sustainable dry ice usage

As the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic continues to pose a threat to global supply chains, it’s imperative that finite resources are used effectively. ORCA solutions slow the rate at which dry ice dissipates, meaning less is required to keep temperatures stable. Through the small reduction of dry ice used per shipment the cumulative affects on total dry ice usage could ensure the resource is used as effectively as possible throughout the pandemic.


A potential solution for COVID-19 vaccine deliveries?

ORCA packaging solutions could act as a viable solution to support vaccine supply chains, with dry ice packaging solutions expected to play a pivotal role in COVID-19 vaccine delivery. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a variety of content pieces exploring the challenges involved in the delivery of a potential vaccine as we continue to provide information on how to protect life’s most precious cargo.  Follow the Intelsius social channels for access to the latest updates.


orca dry ice solutions

ORCA dry ice solutions can provide a viable, more temperature stable alternative to traditional dry ice shippers. Alongside dry ice solutions we offer solutions across a variety of temperature ranges.  Contact your local offices now to discuss which packaging solution is best suited for your cold chain requirements.


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