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Intelsius is proud to be part of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio), a premier global life sciences and healthcare hub aimed at expanding the life sciences industry and improving patient lives through science and technology advancements.

What is MassBio?

Founded in 1985, MassBio is a 1,600-member organisation dedicated to improving patient’s lives through the prevention and treatment of diseases using transformative science and technology. With the aim of advancing policy and championing education, the organisation offers members exclusive programmes, discounts and networking opportunities to foster an environment of partnership with other life science players in the Massachusetts area.


What does a MassBio membership mean for Intelsius?

A membership with MassBio means being a part of a life sciences hub in one of the world’s leading life science clusters. MassBio serves as a platform for advocacy, access and visibility of its members to the business landscape in Massachusetts and beyond. The organisation’s ecosystem includes an innovation arm which encourages innovation by serving as a platform to source partners and funding.

The organisation also hosts annual conferences which gather key leaders and stakeholders in the industry for discussion and collaboration, on top of holding regular networking mixers, events and professional development opportunities. These events give Intelsius U.S the opportunity to forge connections and partnerships with the other life science organisations in the Massachusetts area, and to increase our visibility and reach.

MassBio is also a champion of advocacy and policies which encourage the growth and development of the life sciences industry in the state. It creates opportunities for partnership with investors and startups in the life science industry with events like the Align Summit 2024 which focuses on artificial intelligence in drug discovery and development. Having been in the life sciences sector for over 25 years, Intelsius is poised to offer years of expertise in the design and manufacture of temperature-controlled and sample transport packaging when collaborating with other industry players.

MassBio members are also entitled to exclusive discounts on critical life science products and services under MassBioEdge, which is not only a cost-saving measure but it also widens Intelsius’ scope of collaboration opportunities with MassBio’s Preferred Partners.

What does Intelsius offer the organisation?

As a designer and manufacturer of temperature-controlled and sample transport packaging for over two decades, Intelsius brings a wealth of experience and excellence in not only in the highest quality of cold chain packaging solutions, but in our unparalleled customer service, skills and knowledge of the industry.  

With a global manufacturing footprint, Intelsius serves customers across the globe in North and South America, UK, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. We have sites in England, Ireland, Germany, India, Malaysia and the United States; while our distributors are located in Spain, Czech Republic, South Africa, Netherlands, Israel, Korea, and Australia.

All of our offices and distributors offer a range of sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging solutions to ensure that our customers can easily order and receive their packaging solutions from a branch closest to them.

Intelsius U.S

Located just a few minutes from Indianapolis airport, and on the same site as FedEx’s second largest hub in the U.S., Intelsius’ U.S has cemented its place as a key packaging player in the North and South American markets.

The U.S site offers a wide range of sample transport and temperature-controlled products and even has its own dedicated website portal through which customers may opt for a direct-to-site fulfilment service in which orders can be despatched within the same day if they are placed before 3.00pm – allowing for a speedy and efficient ordering process.

Now that Intelsius is a member of MassBio, we are excited to offer our skills and experience to benefit the organisation and ultimately to improve patient lives through providing safe and smart and efficient cold chain packaging solutions.













Intelsius U.S office

Intelsius U.S General Manager, Carl Rugenstein comments on the impact our MassBio membership will have on our customers “Our membership at MassBio means that we are now part of the world’s leading life science hub. Through increased advocacy and mutual collaboration, we look forward to improving access to healthcare and bettering patient lives. Intelsius is committed to providing the highest quality of products and services to better serve our customers in the Massachusetts area and beyond.”

Picture3Carl Rugenstein, General Manager Intelsius U.S

What’s next?

Intelsius is prepared to leverage the many benefits of a MassBio membership, particularly with increasing its reach and visibility in the Massachusetts’ life science industry through the various networking opportunities which will be held in the state. We are also looking forward to offering our years of skills, knowledge and experience to improving patient lives through the creation of innovative packaging solutions.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with us to find out more about MassBio or Intelsius’ membership, reach out to and one of our team members will be happy to answer your queries.

vironment of partnership with other life science players in the Massachusetts area.

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