Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, introduced revisions to its PharmaTherm™ line of solutions to pharmaceutical industry professionals last month at the 13th Annual Cool Chain Europe Summit in Luxembourg. PharmaTherm R

“Intelsius is refining one of our best-selling product lines to stay ahead of the constantly changing pharmaceutical industry,” said David Walsh, CEO, Intelsius.  “All three new sizes provide optimal thermal protection for pharmaceutical products.” In addition, PharmaTherm R solutions are regulatory compliant to meet the qualifications in the new GDP Guidelines for the EU that expanded and became more uniformly regulated in September 2013.

“These additions allow more flexibility in payload sizes, making them an Intelsius innovation,” said Steve Healy, Intelsius global director of sales.  With interchangeable components and common features across the range, suitable solutions are available for all temperature-controlled shipping requirements.  The PharmaTherm family now offers pre-qualified 72 hours 2-8 degrees C, 96 hours 15-25 degrees C, PCM, and dry ice solutions.

More than 450 industry professionals from nearly 200 companies in 25 countries attended the event.   In addition to introducing the new PharmaTherm R solutions, Steve Healy moderated a round table discussion titled “Balancing the Need for Supply Chain Partners to Innovate with the Slow Moving Wheels of Big Pharma.”  60 people attended the discussion among the industry experts that featured Erik Agterhuis, Distribution & Warehouse Manager – Abbott; Ruud van der Geer, Senior Specialist, Distribution and Global Logistics Center of Excellence – Merck Sharpe and Dohme; Don Riach, Strategic Development Director – Biocair and Graham Martin, Cool Chain Strategic Development Manager – Pfizer.

“It was a lively discussion and very informative,” said Healy.  The panel answered questions posed by Steve; What drives change in cold chain distribution (compliance/cost/other)?  What does big pharma need from suppliers to enable change?  What effect will GDP have on pharma’s ability/desire/adoption of change?  How can pharma engage more effectively with supply chain partners to understand their perspective? How do you define partnership, and how is it valuable to your company?

“While the panel discussion was definitely a highlight of the event, the interest in our new PharmaTherm R products exceeded our expectations,” said David Johnson, business development manager. In addition, the Intelsius team at booth nine included a new face, Victor Camacho of Inprous.  “We were delighted to have him representing such an important partnership as ours is with Inprous,” Johnson said.

One of the new PharmaTherm R products was put through a test designed by Exelsius as a part of a two-day cold chain training called “Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products.”  The PharmaTherm R 30 was shipped from the Intelsius office in York, England, to the hotel where the training took place in Luxembourg.

“It was a valuable experience for our class in Chicago last fall, so we knew it would benefit the class attending in Luxembourg,” said Kevin O’Donnell, senior partner at Exelsius Cold Chain Management.  The PharmaTherm R was among four similar temperature-controlled packages opened by the class on the last day of the fun but serious cold chain training.

“The revised PharmaTherm line of products will help our customers save on storage space and shipping costs,” said Walsh.  “As we continue to protect life’s most precious cargo, we create innovative products that provide intelligent solutions.” PharmaTherm products maintain appropriate temperatures and keep products safe while being transported.  In addition, its discreet design keeps the contents confidential.

Please contact your business development manager or customer service if you want more information about the new PharmaTherm R solutions.  UK 1904 607390 or US 317 452 4006


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