Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions in York, called for a collaboration between key stakeholders at the recent Fly Pharma conference.

Intelsius’ Product Manager, David Johnson, joined a line-up of industry experts to highlight everyday pharma logistics issues across the supply chain.

In David’s ‘armchair interview,’ he highlighted the industry’s current ‘fear of change’ in re-using passive packaging. He said: “Although active packaging is re-used daily all over the globe, there is a reluctance to re-use passive packaging. This could be because passive packaging has been single-use for most of its history and was only qualified for this use. However, validated protocols to certify that passive packaging is safe to re-use are in place, despite the pharma industry being slow to adopt them.

“Stakeholders need to look at the bigger picture, including the positive impacts on product integrity and financial outlay that re-usable passive packaging can have, rather than looking for reasons to avoid change. The notion that passive means single-use is now outdated and simply wrong.”

However, a change in perception will not simply be enough to ensure passive packaging’s multi-use success. David called for a collaboration between stakeholders and suggested packaging suppliers educate their customer base on how it can be recycled properly to ensure it continues to be environmentally sustainable.

Intelsius’ ORCA 2-8°C, 15-25°C, and -20°C multi-use solutions achieve superior year-round thermal protection for both extreme hot and cold challenges compared to alternative passive cold chain packaging solutions.

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