Data is the key to effectively managing and optimising your cold chain; without it, you’re essentially blind to what is causing problems in your supply chain. In the past, data has been collected manually at key checkpoints and the final destination.

Questions such as, ‘where did a temperature excursion occur’, ‘where and when was my packaging opened’, and ‘did the payload experience excessive shock’ were impossible to answer, so optimising your cold chain became, at worst, a guessing game and at best an expensive process of trial and error.

However, the development of data loggers and smart packaging solutions have given supply chain managers the ability to analyse data and pinpoint problems as they occur in their supply chain.

So, data monitoring in supply chain logistics is here to stay, but how can we take supply chain visibility even further? This is where screen-based data loggers come in.

With a screen-based data logger incorporated into your chosen temperature-controlled packaging, supply chain managers have an even greater degree of oversight. With on-the-ground staff able to continually monitor live data and make necessary adjustments throughout the cold chain, as well as utilising features such as digital QR codes and seal and lock technology, screen-based data loggers are truly the next step in the evolution of supply chain visibility.

ORCA Connect Vision

ORCA Connect Vision is the latest development in the ORCA Connect temperature-controlled packaging range. With an in-built window and custom internal foam logger holder built for your chosen screen logger, ORCA Connect Vision allows you to digitise, automate, and better monitor your supply chain.

This latest development makes it possible for you to make on-the-ground decisions without using additional technology or supply chain staff needing additional training. You can access key information about your shipment, including on-board and exterior temperature, humidity, and shock, or utilise the screen logger for additional digital seal and lock functionality.

orca connect close up

ORCA Connect Vision makes it possible to quickly decide whether a box needs to be placed in temperature-controlled storage or requires re-icing. The temperature data can be viewed, evaluated, and used for quick decisions without opening the box.

Key Features:

  • In-built screen logger window
  • Visualise data on the ground, including temperature, humidity, shock and more
  • Utilise digital QR code and seal and lock functionality
  • Better manage your supply chain with live, on-the-ground decision making
  • Quickly check data without accessing portals or cloud-based technology

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Working in Partnership

Creating the perfect connected temperature-controlled packaging solution wouldn’t be possible without working in partnership with industry experts. We’re proud to work with two data logger specialists: OnAsset and Tec4med.

OnAsset – SENTRY FlightSafe

The OnAsset SENTRY FlightSafe fits neatly into ORCA Connect Vision packaging (as pictured above), offering an on-device display, making it easy to configure the device, view data, and make on-the-ground decisions about your supply chain. The combination of this unique device display and buttons makes it possible to set up and launch shipments without ever having to log into any software.

The OnAsset SENTRY Flightsafe supplies data on temperature, humidity, light, shock and tilt. Click below to find out more about the OnAsset SENTRY Flightsafe screen logger.

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Tec4med – Beacon and Gateway System

Tec4med’s Beacon data loggers supply extensive data on temperature, humidity and acceleration data fields. Simply placed inside the ORCA Connect, a Beacon is suitable for multiple uses during different transports, making it a highly cost-effective solution.

In addition, the Tec4med SmartHub serves as a gateway for the Beacons. It transfers the Beacon data automatically to the cloud, where it can be analysed, archived and downloaded. The SmartHub itself also measures temperature & humidity, as well as shock & motion events and the location. Sat within the ORCA Connect Vision’s custom-made foam logger holder, the screen functionality of Tec4med’s SmartHub offers the option to display a shipping label digitally. Furthermore, the measured data from any Beacons in a wide range can be displayed.

The Beacon and Gateway technology is a plug-and-play system to digitize and automate every supply chain, warehouse, and fleet. Click below to find out more about the Tec4med Beacon and Gateway System.

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Intelsius Connected Packaging Solutions

At Intelsius, we provide both off-the-shelf connected packaging solutions such as ORCA Connect and ORCA Connect Vision and bespoke solutions for customers with specific supply chain packaging needs. No matter the payload, shipping lane or data monitoring requirements, we can work with you to design the ideal solution.

orca connect vision tec4med logger

You can find out more about ORCA Connect and ORCA Connect Vision on our dedicated webpage by clicking the button below.

Connected Packaging 

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Communication and flexibility are crucial when creating the perfect connected packaging solution; our sales experts can offer advice on the transportation of a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biological products.

Our team can help you:

  • Achieve compliance
  • Find the correct off-the-shelf solution for your specific packaging needs
  • Or help you create a bespoke solution that meets your particular packaging needs

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