Are ORCA Solutions the Best in Temperature-Controlled Packaging?

Intelsius ORCA solutions have recently undertaken a minor rebrand, providing greater visibility of new solutions and giving the brand a fresh, dynamic feel. Over the past several years, ORCA solutions have become synonymous with the safe shipping of temperature-critical payloads, including vaccines and high-value pharmaceuticals.

With temperature-controlled packaging solutions expected to play a vital role in the distribution of any potential Coronavirus vaccine, a safe and trusted solution has never been more important. So, what makes ORCA solutions special, and can we really justify the ‘best in temperature-controlled packaging’ tag? Our latest blog explores the extensive features and user benefits of ORCA solutions, showing why we believe that ORCA solutions are the best in temperature-controlled packaging.


The ORCA brand encompasses a variety of products designed specifically to solve problems present in global cold chains. This expansive portfolio gives you the opportunity to choose an ORCA tailored for your specific cold chain objectives.

ORCA Single-Use

ORCA Single-Use (previously named ORCA S) utilises a variety of cost-effective, widely recycled components providing customers a high-performance solution suitable for one-way shipping.

ORCA Single-Use: are ORCA solutions the best in temperature-controlled packaging?


ORCA Multi-Use

ORCA Multi-Use (previously named ORCA M) is a durable passive solution that can be re-conditioned multiple times without sacrificing a minimum of 96 hours of performance. The ability to easily reuse the system leads to fantastic cost-saving opportunities across the extended lifecycle of ORCA Multi-Use solutions.

ORCA M Front Visual


ORCA Connect

ORCA Connect (previously named ORCA MX) gives you the potential to easily track and monitor temperature critical payloads. The ORCA Connect is built using the same temperature control and insulative technologies as the ORCA Multi-Use, but with added compartments to hold loggers and documents securely and separately to the payload.  An agnostic packaging solution, the ORCA Connect can be used with the tracking device most suited to your business requirements. Contact us now to discuss the ways you can remain connected to your payloads.

ORCA Connect Front Visual

Complete Temperature-Controlled Packaging

ORCA Systems are passive temperature-controlled systems that provide a minimum of 96 hours of performance across three temperature ranges: 2-8°C, 15-25°C, and -20 °C. ORCA Systems are also qualified to perform using dry ice as a coolant achieving temperature control at temperature ranges far lower than -20°C.  Performance is achieved through the simple pre-conditioning of panels containing phase change materials (PCM). When preconditioning is completed the solutions are quick to assemble with the panels interlocking to keep your temperature critical payload within the desired temperature range.


The value of packaging used to protect and transport a temperature-sensitive payload cannot be underestimated. Vaccines and complex biologics are not only expensive but can provide lifesaving support to a patient. Temperature excursions in transit can be costly and significantly reduce the efficacy of the payload leading to potentially fatal implications.

Due to the critical nature of the product, we take great pride and care in rigorously testing all ORCA solutions to industry-accepted ISTA 7D summer and winter profiles. Testing is completed by our in-house technical experts at our ISTA-certified laboratory. Full qualification reports showcasing the performance of every individual ORCA system are available on request.


With a wide variety of temperature ranges and sizes available, ORCA solutions can be flexible to support and integrate seamlessly into your Cold Chain. Furthermore, the systems can be despatched fully pre-conditioned; in these instances the systems can be sent directly to the payload, and the ORCA can then be packed and sent on has required.

To make our offering truly flexible, we will shortly be launching ORCA fulfilment. This service has been designed around the needs of you, the customer. High-quality ORCA packaging solutions will be available to rent as and when required. Rented solutions are created your way, choosing temperature and size systems can then be pre-conditioned and include second leg delivery to make the entire process simple and easy.

To find out more about the ORCA range, and all of the options available to you including the features and benefits of each ORCA solution, visit our Contact Us page where you can find information relating to your local branch.

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