After 12 years with the business, Alastair Harries has been appointed Managing Director, Sample Transport Packaging, moving from his role as Chief Operating Officer.

Alastair was initially hired as CFO in 2011, leading on finance, IT and HR matters globally. In 2014 Alastair took on his new role as COO, taking on responsibility for UK Operations and Quality and also oversight of the Irish and USA businesses.


What has changed during your 12 years with Intelsius?

“A lot has changed in my 12 years with Intelsius, and the business has grown considerably, leading to expansions at the UK, Irish and US premises to cope with increased demand. We’ve also seen the establishment of Intelsius Germany in that period, helping us to better serve customers across Europe.

We’ve also seen the expansion of the ORCA rage, including ORCA Single Use, ORCA Response and ORCA Pallet, and the recent introduction of ORCA Rental and ORCA Cloud.”

What are you most proud of during that time?

“I’m most proud of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, managing huge sample transport demands while keeping our own staff safe. It’s also been a privilege to oversee the development of our global teams, achieving very high rates of employee engagement and satisfaction.”

How does this new role help us to better serve the needs of our customers?

“We feel it is the right time to bring some renewed focus on one of the cornerstones of our business – Sample Transport Packaging (STP). It’s been a mainstay of the UK and Irish businesses for 25 years, and we want to continue to develop and expand our products and services and grow the offering geographically as well.

Covid showed the need for a professional approach to STP, and we will continue to develop this to prepare for similar needs in the future. We can also help our customers with more advanced products and new solutions, including kit building, fulfilment and digital initiatives around kit and sample tracking and reporting.”

What will your main focus/es be in the next 12 months?

“Understanding what our customers need and want from STP and ensuring we have the right products and services in place and in development. We also want to develop new and innovative approaches to sample transport, tracking and control, as well as expand our offering to more geographies.

I’m very excited to deliver on this new role, helping the business to continue to grow and better serve the needs of our fantastic customers.”

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