Physical Testing

Intelsius offers a wide range of testing services for parcel sized packaging solutions that are subject to special requirements or legal regulations.

We understand the importance of compliance in the movement of dangerous goods, pharmaceutical products and the rigours of the testing required.  Intelsius identifies the relevant test procedure, which is suitable to demonstrate compliance for your packaging solution.  Intelsius then develops the appropriate protocol for accurate set up, testing and reporting for your packaging.

Visual of Drop Testing Packaging

Class 6.2 Dangerous Goods Packaging Testing

Intelsius has the facilities and know how to design, develop and validate packaging for the transportation of UN3373 biological substances (Category B ), Exempt Specimens and Limited Quantities to meet the requirements of IATA DGR, ADR and DOT CFR49 packing instructions 650 (PI650).

With our background in dangerous good packaging and access to 100s of off the shelf components we can design, develop and deliver a compliant packaging solution to meet your needs.

The testing requirements for PI 650 are typically a series of drops in different orientations, with variations in preparation conditions which are dependent on the materials of the external and primary packaging, as well as the intended temperatures that the packaging will encounter during shipping.

As part of our facilities we also have the capability to verify the performance of secondary pressure vessels (flexible and rigid) to ensure that these receptacles are capable of meeting the required pressure standards.

Intelsius can also assist with development testing for UN2900 and UN2814 Category A Infectious Substances before submitting packaging systems to a certified/accredited laboratory for approval testing to give you confidence that the developed systems are capable of meeting the regulatory requirements.


Benefits Of Having Your Transport Testing Carried Out By Intelsius