Thermal Testing Services

If you’re looking to qualify temperature-controlled packaging solutions against specific shipping lanes or achieve specific certification, our Thermal Testing Services are for you. Thermal testing is conducted at our U.K. office by our on-site expert Technical team in state-of-the-art climate testing chambers.

The infographic below highlights our thermal testing processes, but please get in touch with your local office for further information or to discuss your specific requirements

Alternatively, we offer virtual testing services for projects requiring large amounts of data in a short time frame. Further details on our Virtual Testing Services can be found here. 


Thermal Testing Services: Chamber Testing

We have several state-of-the-art climate chambers in York, U.K.,  and Indianapolis, IN. U.S.A.

Our climate chambers can be programmed to perform various industry-standard temperature profiles, such as ISTA, AFNOR and WHO stress testing profiles, and can program other proprietary temperature exposures. Intelsius can test packaging against any given thermal challenge from basic stepped or ramped profiles to intricate lifelike temperatures exposures experienced in shipping lanes, with rates of temperature change of 3°C per minute and a temperature range of -40°C to +50°C.

Intelsius have access to a range of chamber sizes. As a result, we can tailor thermal testing to the number and size of packaging systems that require testing—from singular tests to simultaneous testing of multiple systems, varying in size from blood shippers to pallet shippers.  We consider each test individually to assess the most appropriate setup; this includes determining the best payload(s) and preparation process.

We utilise real-time data logging providing access to all thermal data during testing, allowing us to monitor performance and maximise testing and reporting efficiencies.

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Thermal Testing Services: Procedures

We have developed a series of high-quality internal testing SOPs, covering all services on offer to ensure we carry out every test to a high standard that is repeatable. We designed these tests to demonstrate the best possible performance for your packaging and highlight areas for improvement during product development.

We work with you to develop a complete testing protocol to determine your testing needs before carrying out any testing. This document will detail the packaging to be tested, the testing procedure to be followed and how the resulting data and analysis will be presented and delivered.  For effective planning and quick turnaround, Intelsius also offers standard test protocols and templates.

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Thermal Testing Services: Reports

Our reports follow the state-of-the-art performance testing methodology of insulated packaging for temperature critical payloads.

All our test reports refer to the underlying test protocol defined for a specific test or test series and are always subject to the Intelsius ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System and the associated document change control.

Our reports always contain a detailed description of the completed testing, including the test setup, equipment and data, as well as a complete discussion and analysis of the test results.


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Temperature Testing Services: Monitoring and Data Handling

Accuracy, traceability and the long-term archiving of all test results are the indisputable prerequisites for temperature recording as part of our test services.

We only use high end and highly accurate temperature monitoring equipment from leading hardware manufacturers and service providers.
All sensor temperature data is recorded and stored in our database system in real-time and archived for ten years. Therefore, all data recorded in a test will be available to review and meet your high standards.

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Thermal Testing Services: Equipment and Locations

All climate chambers contain multiple, three-point calibrated thermistor probes, in turn, used to calibrate each chamber by thermal mapping to ensure accurate output of programmed temperature profiles. We use these probes to monitor the thermal testing of packaging, i.e. internal packaging temperatures and the ambient temperature profile.

All temperature sensors used for Intelsius Technical Services undergo an annual three-point calibration. In addition, the equipment is calibrated to a traceable NIST, national or equivalent standard.

All equipment used for conditioning coolants, PCM and test materials is monitored in real-time 24 hours a day. Furthermore, a fully automated alarm system can immediately inform the technical department of any deviations from the temperature specifications.  In this way, the optimum conditioning of all coolants and test samples in accordance with the specifications can always be guaranteed.


Intelsius Thermal Testing Services: The Benefits