Product Development Services

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness by branding on our standard portfolio or developing a new packaging system, Intelsius is on hand.

Intelsius have a dedicated team of knowledgeable product development services engineers who pride themselves in creating intelligent solutions that are user-centred, environmentally sustainable and regulatory compliant.  Our team is always looking for ways to develop technological products and services unavailable elsewhere in our industry.

We have over 20 years of experience designing solutions to meet our customers’ exact needs, from bespoke Sample Transport kits and components to fully designed and qualified Temperature Controlled Packaging solutions. In addition, we have direct experience working with government, laboratories, globally integrated couriers, and central labs to develop products to meet their needs. Our product development follows our ISO9001 process with stage gates, allowing stakeholders to gain feedback and approval to ensure clear communication and understanding of the design decisions made along the way.

We offer full project management for large scale projects with the formation of cross-company working groups involving key stakeholders from all involved parties.  Intelsius works with you to develop project research and scoping documents, design briefs and provide regular updates and access to the whole team working on the project.

At Intelsius, the product development services design team work closely with the testing team to ensure that the product looks the part and performs as required.  By working with us you get access to thermal, digital and physical testing services as a ‘one-stop shop’ for your project needs.

We also offer in-house sampling facilities for the swift development of components and assemblies, utilising our network of suppliers to develop and supply preproduction samples.

Benefits of Using Intelsius Product Development Services